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Slacker, more travel but no more 29er

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The latest Bontrager wheels and other components have really stepped up to take the Remedy to a very high bar.

The latest Bontrager wheels and other components have really stepped up to take the Remedy to a very high bar.

The components
  • New XR4 tire still rolls well but is much grippier than before with better side knobs and softer rubber.
  • New Dropline dropper Bontrager’s low cost alternative to a damped, infinite position dropper post. Multiple lever options are offered to avoid interference with 2x shifter systems
  • 35mm stem and wide bars – Using the new 35mm standard, Bontrager is able to go light and very wide with a bar up to 820mm in length.
  • DT Swiss wheels – The top-shelf bike gets one of the lightest wheelsets in the market.

Here is a fun video describing the new Remedy. A couple instant classic lines here.


The Trek Remedy has the Mino Link which changes the geometry of the bike when set to either High or Low mode. In Low mode, head angle is 66 degrees with a seat angle of 74 degrees. BB height is 336 and chainstay length is 435. Reach for an 18.5 inch size is 444.

In high mode, head angle 66.5 degrees with a seat angle of 74.5. BB height is 343 and chainstay length is 433. Reach for an 18.5 inch bike is 449.

Climbing is does not get in the way with the steep seat angle for optimal position and Re:aktiv rear for good power transfer.

Climbing is does not get in the way with the steep seat angle for optimal position and Re:aktiv rear for good power transfer.

It is rare that we get honest weights for each model so color us excited. Usually, manufacturers just quote us the weight for the top-shelf carbon everything. They got the top spec’d model under 28 lbs and that is a good thing with a burly 150mm travel bike indeed.

Model Weights

Remedy 7 27.5: 32.3 lbs
Remedy 8 27.5: 30.6 lbs
Remedy 8 27.5 WSD: 31 lbs
Remedy 9 27.5 RSL: 31.2 lbs
Remedy 9.8 27.5: 28.9 lbs
Remedy 9.8 27.5 WSD: 29.2 lbs
Remedy 9.9 27.5 RSL: 27.8 lbs

Eagle is ideal for this bike's personality.

Eagle is ideal for this bike’s personality.


Pricing is remarkably fair as each spec delivers great value. We will never use ‘affordable’ these days since that causes convulsions with some when used in the bike industry but $1889 for a Remedy is fine and dandy indeed. And the top spec with carbon wheels is $8k and well under the competition.

Remedy 7 27.5: $2,999.99
Remedy 8 27.5: $3,299.99
Remedy 8 WSD 27.5: $3,299.99
Remedy 9 27.5 RSL: $4,499.99
Remedy 27.5 AL F/S: $1,889.99
Remedy 9.8 27.5: $5,299.99
Remedy 9.8 27.5 WSD: $5,299.99
Remedy 9.9 27.5 RSL: $7,999.99
Remedy 27.5 C F/S: $3,299.99

For more information visit www.trekbikes.com.

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  • BobF says:

    At 5’8″ tall, you don’t need a 150mm dropper.

  • Cooper says:

    I like everything about this bike, except Knock Block which just seems like a bad idea to me. I feel like Trek should have designed this frame so that the fork crown could not contact the down tube at all rather than implement this production cost cutting “feature”. Personally, I’ll take the extra layers of carbon to produce the necessary curves rather than a weaker frame that needs bumpers on the down tube and a proprietary stem. I predict there’s going to be problems with Knock Block and we won’t see this in the 2018 lineup 🙂

  • Billy says:

    I’ve been riding the 2017 Remedy for a few weeks now and its pretty awesome! I think the KnockBlock will definitely stay for 2018.

    @Cooper the straight line makes the bike stronger and stiffer. A curve in the frame creates a weak point. Thats basic geometry

  • Cooper says:

    @Billy, I’m glad you’re liking the Remedy and I’ve no doubt it rides great, and hopefully you’ll have no issues with the fork crown damaging the frame. I do not believe Trek devised Straight Shot (and thus, Knock Block) as a way to make the frame stiffer or lighter — it’s their way to save on the cost of material and labor that’s needed to create the proper clearance for the fork crown. I stand by my prediction and feel strongly that Trek should have found a better way to save production costs without designing an obvious problem into the frame. That’s just basic design.

  • Ray says:

    For the Drop post. The design doesn’t allow for a 150mm drop post? Not a brand available that works? I just can’t see someone going for a RSL Remedy with a 160mm fork, and only restricted to a 125mm dropper? Does the new geometry of the top tube make-up for this then?

  • Brett McLinden says:

    I`ve had my Remedy 7 for a few months now, & it`s great fun, albeit a little heavier than my hardtail. No problems with the Knock Block, or the dropper post.

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