2018 Specialized Enduro: longer, adjustable geo, new spec

Wu seatpost and SWAT CC tool steal the show on new trail tamer

27.5 29er Enduro News
Specialized 2018 Enduro

The 2018 Enduro has a longer reach, hidden flip chip adjustment, and updated spec.

Specialized launched a new version of the Enduro last year. But after watching market trends, they felt some small tweaks were in order. The brand has left the frame largely unchanged, but has created new upper links which increase reach across both the 27.5 and 29er platforms. In addition to the geometry changes, Specialized introduced an adjustable seatpost, integrated SWAT tool, and more.

2017 vs 2018 Specialized Enduro 27.5 and 29 Geometry Chart Comparison

A comparison between the geometry of the 2017 and 2018 Enduro models.


While we felt the 2017 Enduro did just about everything well, the reach numbers were on the conservative side for a long travel rig. To rectify that issue, Specialized fabricated some new bits.

Check out Mtbr’s first ride impressions of the 2017 Specialized Enduro.

The 170mm travel Enduro 27.5 receives a shock extension and upper link, which pushes the reach out by an average of 15mm. Housed inside the shock extension is a flip chip, which can be rotated to adjust the bottom bracket height by 8mm and head tube angle by 0.5 degrees.

2018 Specialized Enduro Flip Chip

Adjusting a flip chip hidden in the shock extension slackens the head tube by half a degree and adjusts the BB.

In the high setting, the head tube angle sits at 66 degrees. That’s unchanged from last year. In the low setting, that number gets kicked out to 65.5. The bottom bracket originally sat at 352mm. In the stock setting, the BB is now a smidge higher at 354mm. In the low setting, it goes down to 346mm.

The 27.5 model retains the same 2017 linkage, but receives a new flip chip equipped shock extension. The forward mounting position of the shock has also been revised for a more progressive end stroke.

Specialized 2018 Enduro

Specialized is making the pieces needed to retrofit your existing 2017 bike at reasonable prices.

In numbers, the new 27.5 Enduro now has a 15mm longer reach across the board. In the static position, it shares the same 65.5-degree head angle and 350mm BB height of the previous model. With the flip chip reversed, the 2018 version has a 65-degree headtube angle and 342mm BB height.

The other geometry change worth noting across the 2018 models is stack height. On the Enduro 29er, the stack increased by 3mm across the full range. On the 27.5 model, the stack increased by roughly 5mm on the size small and medium. The large goes up 9mm, while the XL goes up a startling 42mm to 655mm.

Want to increase the reach on your 2017 Enduro and unlock the adjustable geometry? Specialized will be offering the extension and linkages for both models at remarkably reasonable prices. The extension for the 27.5 model costs just $20. The extension and linkage for the 29er will set you back $50.

Specialized 2018 Enduro

All Enduro models will now ship with 800mm bars and Butcher tires. The Pro models get upgraded to carbon wheels.

Spec Changes

In addition to the geometry changes, Specialized has also made some slight spec tweaks. All models, regardless of price, will now ship with 800mm wide bars and four piston SRAM Code brakes (with the exception of the Comp, which gets SRAM Guide R stoppers).

Specialized 2018 Enduro

Specialized’s partnership with Ohlins now extends to more price points.

On the suspension front, the S-Works 27.5 and 29er models will be shipping with the Ohlins TTX boost forks. The Pro and Elite models will come with Ohlins STX forks, which uses a simpler single tube damper to bring price down. For now, it’s only available as OEM.

Specialized 2018 Enduro

The angle you point your saddle up on a downhill bike? It’s called WU.

Adjustable Post

While suspension upgrades are cool, the most intriguing spec update for 2018 is the new WU seatpost. Last year, the Enduro debuted with a 34.9 seat tube diameter that was shimmed down to 31.6. It worked, but it left us with lingering questions.

This year, all has been revealed. The Enduro now ships with a new adjustable angle seatpost. In the upright position, it sits completely level. As you lower the saddle, it tilts back 14 degrees. The post only has 115mm of vertical travel, but with the tilt factored, it’s effectively 150mm of travel. The WU post will be available on S-Works, Pro, and Coil equipped models.

Specialized 2018 Enduro

The clever new SWAT CC tool sits in your headtube.


Those bikes will also receive Specialized’s new SWAT Tool, which stores a spring loaded multi-tool in your steerer tube. You’ll also find an emergency chain tool. The entire tool stash is held in place via a compression system that replaces the standard star nut assembly.

For more info on the updated bikes, visit www.specialized.com.

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  • Chris says:

    Why don’t these companies just license the technology from Bionicon and get actual meaningful geometry adjustment on the fly. This flip chip seems like a poor substitute akin to a quick release seat post.

    • GuyOnMTB says:

      BIONICON-System is used by BIONICON exclusively for their bikes and do not license their technology out to other manufacturers. This is how BIONICON has stayed in its own bracket; “on the fly adjustable geometry fs”.

      The last review of the Edison EVO was back in July 2015.

  • Kevin says:

    “Housed inside the shock extension is a flip chip, which can be rotated to adjust the bottom bracket height”
    You guys didn’t actually look at an ’18 Enduro for this ‘article’, did you?
    If you had, you would’ve seen straight away that there is no ‘flip chip’ that gets ‘rotated’ ala Trek.
    It’s simply a thick washer(spacer) that you install between the shock and extension for the ‘high’ position, or REMOVE the washer for the ‘low’ position.
    Anybody with a ’17 can simply go to their local hardware store and pick up a roughly 5mm thick(I haven’t measured mine, so this is just a guess) washer for 29-cents(+/-), and save themselves $19.71.
    It should also be notated that, to remove/install said spacer(or as you call it, a ‘chip’) you have to remove the shock and extension(yoke) to get at the thing

    • Mike says:

      @Kevin its not as simple as buying washers from the hardware store. The 2018 shock yoke is shorter than the 2017. The spacer installed makes the new yoke the same (or close) length as the old one.

      Also, Specialized calls it a flip chip too. Although it seems silly because as it was stated, you do have to entirely remove the rear shock to do so.

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