48 Hours in the Chilcotins with Margus Riga

Tag along with renown MTB photographer to see how he gets the shot


48 Hours in the Chilcotins

The Margus Riga approach to photography is pretty simple, get really good at taking photos and then ride faster than your pro rider friends. Estonian born, raised in Toronto, but shaped by Coastal BC (where he moved at the age of 18) his photographs are prolific, with a style that is unmistakable.

48 Hours in the Chilcotins

You can recognize a Riga photo from a mile away. You can almost hear the sound of tires in his photographs sliding out on root snakes. Colloquially referred to as ‘Raptor Riga’ he’ll beat just about anyone up the hill, and then have time to find perfect light and place the rider in a photo while they are still climbing. Good luck trying to keep up on the descent too, sometimes you think his new Scott Genius has a throttle and he just runs it in 5th. Enjoy 48 hours with Margus Riga, his bike and his camera in this video courtesy of Scott Sports.

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