5 ways to get faster — for free

Even a simple suspension tweak can make a big difference

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Rather than dropping fistfulls of cash on the latest and greatest, here’s five easy tips that can help you find extra speed.

Rather than dropping buckets of cash on the latest and greatest components, here are five ways you can get faster for free.

Cyclists often fixate on new components and how they can improve their ride. But often the easiest way to get faster is by working on yourself. Now we’re not advocating for a strict gluten free diet and a crossfit membership, though that might help… Instead we’re talking about simple things, like stopping before a particularly difficult section and trying to analyze the best lines.

There are other simple things you can do such as adjusting your setup. It’s amazing how many people could benefit from having a more knowledgeable rider help them check their sag and rebound. Heck, you could even pick a test track and use it to learn how each of the knobs affect handling. Want more tips? Watch this video from the crew at the Global Mountain Bike Network.

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