$500 off any Ellsworth Full Suspension mountain bike or frame.


Hello Ellsworth Nation,

The new Ellsworth holiday promotion with Trips for Kids is officially here!  Throughout November and December donate a complete bicycle to your local Ellsworth dealer and receive $500 off any Ellsworth Full Suspension mountain bike or frame.

Trips For Kids will use your old bike to bring underprivileged kids on mountain bike trips and increase bike advocacy with kids in cities across the country…and for donating a bike we’ll give you $500 off your next Ellsworth!

For more details call 760.788.7500 or email [email protected].

source: John McPartlan

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  • Anonymous says:

    I am a die-hard carbon fiber frame guy because of it’s not so rigid element even though they are more expensive.

  • Anonymous says:

    Full suspension bikes can be made as rigid as Hardtail bikes and in combination with carbon fiber frames will make an unbeatable combination. More importantly, the body will take less of a beating from the direct transfer of forces. However, be prepared to pay for the benefits.

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