918XC.com Joins Hammerhead Bikes


918XC.com & Hammerhead Bikes Have Merged

918XC.com of Tulsa, OK, is pleased to announce that we have entered into a merger agreement with Hammerhead Bikes of Austin, TX

Hammerhead  was founded as a local high-end bike shop in 2001 in the Austin, TX by then owner, Charles Coker.   It became known as a boutique shop passionate about off-roadriding and racing.   Hammerhead also created its own bike brand, and riders around the world fell in love with the brand and remain loyal to this day.

This merger with Hammerhead Bikes further strengthens 918XC.com’s position in the mountain bike market not only in Texas and North America, but internationally as well.The new entity will take on the name “HammerheadBikes.com”, and headquarters will be based in Tulsa, OK.

918XC owners Scott Robertson and Ginger Renshaw are very optimistic about the merger.  “We are really excited about the future with this merger in place. It will help us better serve our customers with increased product selection, availability, and rapid order fulfillment. Our customers are going to like what they experience with the new Hammerhead.”

Hammerhead owner Cody Baron said “…we will be utilizing the online success of 918XC.com.  The Hammerhead bike brand will continue to build boutique mountain bikes and it will be a great opportunity for Hammerhead to resume its place as a global cycling brand!”

Source: Scott Robertson

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