9Point8 Short Stroke dropper aimed at XC crowd

Ultra-light 390-gram post with 75mm of travel coming this fall

Components Sea Otter Classic

2017 Sea Otter Classic

9Point8 Short Stroke Dropper

With its low weight the 9Point8 Short Stroke might be the first dropper post to see regular use in XC racing.

9Point8 was showing off a couple of interesting pre-production dropper posts that they’re claiming will be the lightest droppers on the market at just 390 grams.

The Fall Line dropper posts are shifter cable actuated, and use a non-hydraulic, mechanical mechanism in the post itself for infinite position adjustments within their stroke. In addition to being very light, the upcoming Short Stroke version features 75mm of drop and can be cut down, allowing it to fit bikes that otherwise aren’t able to house a dropper. Think a cyclocross bike, for instance.

The 75mm Short Stroke ($489) and an 125mm version ($459) will be available this fall. The longer option is not trimable, but 9Point8 claims it’ll weigh 390 grams, too.

9Point8 Lever

9Point8 is also offering a new 1x dropper lever that’s being manufactured by Wolf Tooth.

Both posts can be ordered with an inline or 25mm rear offset head, come in 400mm lengths, and either 30.9 or 31.6 diameters. The Fall Line posts are also available in up to 200mm stroke, and can be customized down in 4mm increments via spacers that 9Point8 can install at the factory, or consumers can install themselves.

9Point8 Lever

Good looking ergonomics on this lever.

9Point8 is also offering a new 1x lever for their posts that are being manufactured by Wolf Tooth, but feature a custom lever with Wolf Tooth’s existing clamp and design. For riders who are running a front derailleur, or simply don’t have handlebar real estate for the new lever, the old version is still available.

This article is part of Mtbr’s coverage of the 2017 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. For more from Sea Otter CLICK HERE.

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