A New Twist on an Old Cliché: "A Picture is Worth $1,000"


A single image that spurs you to drop everything, pull on your cycling clothes with one hand and fasten your shoes with the other, throw your leg over your bike, and go charging off shouting, “Tawonda!” is a powerful image indeed. If that image is yours, it may be worth more than just 1,000 words, it could be worth $1,000.

Speedgoat Bicycles is about to launch a new site and, since customers have been a part of Speedgoat’s evolution since day 1, it was only natural to include them in the site’s new design. What’s below is a description of a photo contest of sorts and how it works. Do you think there might be some space on mtbr.com for a mention of the contest?

The facts:
Speedgoat has always been, and always will be, a bike shop built around customer feedback. We’ve spent the last dozen years listening to people who ride bikes, and doing our best to be your “local bike shop.” As we move into 2010, you’re going to see some big changes from speedgoat.com, beginning with new functionality and a new look, and those are only the beginning.

More than ever, the new Speedgoat will be based on you, and it all starts with our new image submission page https://www.speedgoat.com/image-submission-upload.asp. We want our new website to be based on your riding, and what riding means to you. Action shots of some gnar being shred? Welcome aboard. Black and whites of your work bench at midnight the day before the race? Hell yes. Breathtaking vistas with your bike in the corner? Absolutely. Your struggle up Mt. Washington, and maybe even a photo of your triumph? We live for these things. The photos will be incorporated into our new site throughout the year. At the end of 2010, we’ll present the final photos for a vote, and the lucky winner, selected by all of you, will receive a gift certificate for $1000.

source: Wendy Booher
Booher Media Group

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