Media Kit 2017

MTBR & RoadBikeReview

Banner placement on MTBR website

Banner Creative Requirements


A: Leaderboard: 728x90                 C: Large Box: 300x600

B: Medium Box: 300x250               D: Half Box: 300x100



File format .JPG, .PNG, static or animated .GIF, 40k max file size

Also accepted Flash .SWF file, 50k. with clickTAG and fallback image required, include click-through URL

Recommended animation length: 15 seconds, maximum 3 loops

Custom HTML or JavaScript code snippet

3rd Party Network Tags

DoubleClick Tag (Internal Redirect)

All ads should have a hairline border to define ad space



Targeted Banner Campaign

Banner Targeting Specs


Geography Targeting:  Country, Region, State, City and/or Postal Code

Browser Targeting:  Browser, Browser Language, Bandwidth  and/or Operating System



Single or Multiple creatives can be served

Creatives served as a Roadblock can be either 728x90 and 300x250 or 728x90 and 300x600 (ATF)

Creative Rotation can be setup as Even, Optimized, Weighted or Sequential


All campaigns are set to deliver evenly over the course of the campaign flight dates

Frequency Capping: Limit the number of times that ads from a campaign are served to any individual user impressions per day, per user



Reporting Requirements

Order Name (Advertiser Name)

Line Item Name (Campaign Detail)

Banner Impressions


Click Through Rate (CTR)

Line Item Start & End Date


Using Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP)

Daily, weekly and monthly reporting available

Reports sent directly to the client or scheduled in advance

In order to setup scheduled reporting, Client Services will need the contact name and email address


Custom Campaign Tracking

If you plan to track traffic through your Google Analytics accounts, provide the custom URL for campaign tracking

Google Analytics provides a custom URL builder online for guidance



For flash banners, when providing .SWF files, DFP will not track clicks unless client inserts a clickTAG for click tracking (Guidance can be provided upon request)

3rd party reporting is accepted for billing if specified in the advertising agreement

3rd party reporting login information is required at the start of the campaign





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