BC Bike Race Diary: Wrapping it up in Whistler

Read the final entry of our racer’s diary from the BC Bike Race. A bitter sweet end to an amazing adventure that will leave you wanting to return for more.

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BC Bike Race Diary: North Shore and Squamish – Now we’re talking!

Our racer hits his stride on Stage 5 and passes a boat load of competitors. Stage 6 provided plenty of challenges, too. Read the latest here.

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BC Bike Race Diary: Feeling human again!

Luck begins to turn around for our racer as he draws a plane transfer spot and then starts enjoying the BC flow.

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BC Bike Race Diary: Racing and luck, bad luck

Read the second installment of this race diary from our friend, Alex Kramer as he races the BC Bike Race for the first time. Sometimes, the best laid plans…

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BC Bike Race Diary: Better than a midlife crisis!

Turning 40 — and racing the BC Bike Race on a Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt. What better way to stave off a midlife crisis.

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