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It’s Not All Good News…

Pad Contact Adjustment – As mentioned before, the pad contact adjustment barrel can move under heavy riding vibrations if there is resistance from the brake line. You get a coiling effect if you do not move the barrel independently of the brake line. Mine might have been a little bit stiffer than some others, but this issue is easily remedied by insuring there is no resistance between the pad contact adjust barrel and the brake line.

Replacement Pads – The replacement pads will be available through online retailers and your local bike shop, but they aren’t as readily available now as they will be in the future. Your Juicy and Code replacement pads will not work in these calipers.

Bleeding – While the bleeding process is straight forward with the Avid kit…it does have to be purchased separately and it still isn’t as simple as a conventional bleeder system.

Price – MSRP is just over 200 dollars US (204.00) each for the 160mm rotor version. You are paying for the performance, but it is well worth it.

Alloy Lever – The alloy lever is only available to Avid’s OEM customers and not the public. Those of you that don’t want the carbon lever can step down to the R version, but you lose the pad contact adjust.

Avid Elixir CR Brake Review Summary

Note: Action shot by Laurie @ Life On A Bike

Finally, an Avid brake that I can really get on board with. It seems that all of my previous complaints have been answered. You now get a noise-free brake that modulates, has plenty of power and looks good on your bike. If you are looking for a do-it-all brake…this just may be the one you are looking for. From what I hear…pro dh riders are using these along side pro xc racers on their rigs. That says a lot for a set of brakes.

Good Avid Elixir CR

  • Adjustable banjo fitting on the caliper for easy brake line alignment
  • Progressive modulation throughout the lever/piston stroke
  • Plenty of power for all applications
  • Lightweight
  • No more Avid turkey gobble!
  • Easy, tool-free reach adjust

Bad Avid Elixir CR

  • Brake line moves with pad contact adjustment barrel (move line and barrel independently) 
  • Avid Bleed System required for bleeding brakes
  • Price
  • No alloy lever available retail

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