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Light Price Claimed Lux Measured Lux Run time Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight
Ayup Adventure Light Set $425 400 each 33 each 3:00 58 82 155 each

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.


The V4 Adventure set includes both helmet lights and bar lights.

Light Meter Measurements:

Lux measurements were 34 Lux for the wider bar light and 33 Lux for the helmet light. This is fairly accurate with its 400 lumen claims. This


  • ultra light system perfect for racers
  • updated switch and dim modes are a nice addition.
  • slick helmet mount system works very well.
  • excellent charging station and car adapter accessory
  • solid and weatherproof carrying case
  • tail light option and headband are a great addition
  • use of lipo batteries offer best light output and run time for the weight


  • The 2011 lights use the same Cree XRE emitters of last year and are not as bright as the current crop of lights.
  • The bar light needs to be wider.
  • The bar light uses zip ties for mounting
  • New fancy case has no handle.

Bottom Line:

This was fantastic light set last year only held back by a narrow bar light beam pattern. This year though these XRE emitters show their age as they are outclassed by the new crop of Cree XPG powered lights.

It’s still a good lightweight XC racer set  but we’ll have to knock the rating a couple ticks just because the LEDs were not updated.

Beam Pattern Photos:



Beam Pattern and side by side comparison page available here.


Value Rating:

4.25 out of 5 Stars



Overall Rating:

4.25 out of 5 Stars



Mtbr Lights Shootout Main PageMtbr Lights ReviewsMtbr Lights Forum

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  • g3rG says:

    Regarding the Ayup lights, I have to take issue with the downgrade for using zip ties for the mounts. I have found their bar mounts to be wonderfully adaptable. They use zip ties to hold on the mount, not the light. The light can be detached from the mount and stowed away, leaving the very compact mount on the bike. One benefit is that their lights can be mounted on center, spanning the bar clamp of the stem. It even works on most of my direct mount dual crown forks. The zip ties holding the mount are doing basically what they were designed to do: providing a durable and reliable tensioned strap. I find this approach far superior to the rubber strap of my L&M Seca, or the o-ring as rubber-band on my Lupine Wilma. As for the helmet mounts, Ayup has 2 svelte designs that were actually designed as helmet mounts. They do not require me to strap a chunk of faux handlebar to my helmet then use a handlebar mount like many of the other manufacturers.

    Unfortunately I do have to agree with the criticism of the LED. The output has dropped behind the market. That is the reason that I have migrated to other manufacturers. Hopefully they will step up to a state of the art LED (e.g. XM-L). Alternatively they could probably do pretty well designing mounts for other manufacturers lights.


  • Paul says:

    The 2011 Ayups are 40% brighter than the 2010. Go to the online shop from January 1 and youll be able to upgrade your lights.

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