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Azonic Fury

Weight: 1160 grams size L
Materials: Polycarbonate Shell with EPS Liner and Dupont Coolmax® liner
Safety Ratings: CPSC, CE 1078 standards
Vents: Yes – 12 vents in EPS shell – Liner and foam covering vents – On the warm side
Goggle Yes – handles large goggles easy
Strap Style D-ring with pull tab
Extra Padding for Custom Fit: No
Fully Removable Liner: No – Side cheek pads and some of head liner comes out, some stays in
Liner Held In Place How: Plastic buttons and hard plastic between EPS liner and shell, glue and
Price: $89.95

Chin Strap Clip

Visor Adjust Screw


Inside Chin Strap

Cloth over Vents

Padded Liner Out

Cloth and Foam over EPS Liner reducing air flow

Extra Foam for a comfy fit


The Azonic Fury helmet is a great looking helmet on the more affordable side of the spectrum. It has been out for several years now and has been proven to work for many a rider.  The design is fairly straight forward and the graphics are appealing with out being to flashy.  The Fury used in this review is from the first year it was released and Azonic has assured me that the only changes have been to the graphics.

The helmet has six cloth mesh covered vents in the chin and twelve cloth mesh covered vents in the EPS liner and fourteen in the polycarbonate shell. The vents are of fairly normal size, not as big as TLD or Dainese, nor as small as DOT certified helmets.

The visor adjust screw is easy to access and held the visor in place over the season of using the helmet.  The side screws of the visor are low profile aluminum Phillips head screws which I am sure are on the very inexpensive side but do their job very well.  I never had a problem with the visor loosening up.

The care put into the making of the helmet is very good for the price.  The materials, especially the inner padded liner held together well through a lot of abuse and though the wash many times.

The inner padded liner is partially removable.  The side cheeks come out.  They are held in place by plastic snaps.  The forehead, side and back of the head liner is removable as well, but there is still a good amount of inner liner remaining in the helmet at the top of the head.  There is also some very thin, 1mm thick, to a piece of 5mm thick foam remaining in the helmet that is glued in place at the top of the head.

The multiple pieces that make up the inner padded liner are very comfortable for a sub $100 helmet.

The visor of the helmet is of normal size and was never in the way during riding.

The vents of this helmet are all covered in a durable clothe mesh fabric which keeps out dust, sticks and other things, such as bugs.  But it does impede air flow.

Inside the chin guard is well padded with a firm but soft foam.  I had the joy of testing the foam on the inside of the helmet during several falls over the season I road this helmet at Northstar.  I had no problems with the foam on the inner side of the chin guard.  I would says that the foam is actually more plush and wide spread compared to several top of the line helmet models from other companies.

The helmet does have a smaller profile compared to a DOT or Snell or some other CSPC helmets so there is no fear of a Jack-in-the-Box head effect.

With Helmet On:

The size I wore was a large and it fit well, but a tad on the tight side.  My head measures 59cm round, and I found that with most of the helmets I wore a 60-62cm helmet was required for a good fit.  Azonic and O’Neal helmets are known to fit on the small size, so you may consider a size up from your normal fit.

The helmet was most snug around the cheeks which reduced size to side, or back and forth play completely.  In fact because the inner padded liner is very plush it allowed for the helmet to fit snug just about everywhere, including the top of the head with out feeling the hard EPS shell pressing against the head. Nor a bunched up annoying dump from the inner padded liner as I have felt in some other helmets.   The inner liner is very nice, thick, and not in the way.  On the plus side, having an inner padded liner that is thick and will conform to a variety of head forms is good, but on the down side it can reduce ventilation.

Here is where the helmet gets knocked most but it’s users.  The helmet, even though it has twelve vents in the EPS shell does get on the warm side.  There is just too much padding inside and the clothe mesh covering the vents, and it all adds up to subtract from your air flow.  For me, in the Bay Area and riding Northstar at Tahoe, this wasn’t really a problem.  But I have heard from others in the area that they thought the helmet was too hot.  So if you know you are sensitive to heat, or ride in very hot conditions and absolute ventilation is a must, you may want to look at another helmet.  Or, you could just removed the clothe mesh between the EPS shell and the hard polycarbonate shell.

Seeing out the helmet is no problem, it meets the 105 degrees of visibility required by the CPSC and fitting large goggles isn’t an issue either.

The inner padded liner does a good job of soaking up and wicking away sweat.  Even if the helmet is hotter than say a TLD, there was never a lot of sweat running down my face while using the helmet, as is the case with a TLD.


Cleaning the helmet is easy, but would be better if the liner was fully removable.  Even after removing the cheek pads, crown liner, there is still the foam and clothe material at the peak in the helmet, which has to be cleaned, so why remove any of it.

Fits Similar To:

O’Neal Series 9, Rockgardn Warbird


No problems fitting large googles.

Leatte Brace:

coming soon….

Value Rating:

For the money this is a great helmet.  It isn’t too heavy, is comfortable, well made, and does what it is supposed to do.

Overall Rating:

Lets face it, it isn’t a $300 helmet and as such it isn’t as light weight or as well vented as pricier helmets.  But overall it does a great job so long as you are not too sensitive to heat.  It can get warm due to all the clothe around the vents and on the inside, but if you don’t ride in in a super hot weather and are looking for an inexpensive full face helmet that can with stand seasons of abuse, you will be happy with the Azonic Fury.

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