Bearings: The Unsung Heroes of Ellsworth Bikes

Bearings are the unsung heroes of your bike’s rear suspension. They receive very little attention but do a lot of work to keep your rear suspension moving smoothly and efficiently. For this reason, Ellsworth uses only the most durable, aircraft grade bearings at all rear suspension pivot points. Ellsworth bearings are not just durable, they are oversized, over engineered, dual contact sealed and maximum packed with a full complement of cartridge bearings. Basically, that means Ellsworth’s bearings are big, sealed and loaded with sticky grease to keep the gunk out and smoothness in. The ball bearings we use are oversized to increase the contact surface area in each pivot. More contact surface means the loads are dispersed over a larger area for flawless performance and miles and miles of smooth riding.

It is this attention to detail, and additional engineering we add to critical performance points that makes an Ellsworth best in class and ride like no other bike in the world.

If you notice that they may have come in contact with water or mud, you can simply pop the rubber seal on each cartridge on the accessible side (the side you look at) and re-grease them with Ellsworth factory grease, or any high quality non-migrating (sticky) waterproof grease.

Now that it is winter and riding opportunities have declined for most of us, it is a good time to inspect your bearings and give them some TLC if needed. Step by step instructions can be found at the Ellsworth Bikes FAQ, and if you need any Ellsworth Grease or new bearings for your ride, give us a call at the sales office.

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source: Ellsworth Bikes

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  • Anonymous says:

    Ellsworth should use bushings instead of bearings, it’s a much better design.

  • Anonymous says:

    Now if it was a Turner you’d just need to attach the grease gun to the zirch fitting and properly pump out all that old grease with new one, no need to remove pivot bolts and seals etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pretty cheezy comments. Having owned many Turners and still a big fan, you don’t pump out all of the old grease, you just add to what migrates out during use. Anonymous makes it sound like old is completely gone and is replaced entirely with new!

    As far as bearings better than bushings, depends upon the application. Single pivot bikes should not have brearings, my Yeti used to blow through them like water, whereas multipivot bikes can tolerate them no problem.

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