Behind the Scenes: Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out

Find out how the internet sensation pulled off these amazing tricks

Even the pros need a little help from their friends...

Even the pros need a little help from their friends…

Danny MacAskill is gifted on two wheels, but he doesn’t land every trick on the first try. It takes practice and a talented support team to create and execute these stunts. To show some of the more difficult tricks were coordinated, Red Bull has released behind the scenes footage of four epic sequences.

The Train

The train track trick is a staple of MacAskill edits — remember Imaginate? While he appears to make it look easy in his videos, it takes dozens of attempts to clean the landing and ride it out.

The Hay Bale

The hay bale used in this scene weighs close to half a ton and it took MacAskill nearly 400 attempts to nail the trick. The hardest part was that while he’s rolling forward, the motion of the haybale is causing his rear wheel to spin backward. To get it right, he had to remove the pawls from his freehub.

It’s too bad no one makes a free coaster hub with boost spacing! Some of you might also remember the old Aaron Chase trick, where you run half a cassette plus spacers. This gives you the option of shifting the chain onto the cassette spacers, so you roll back freely.

Case Front Flip

When Danny envisioned this truck, he wanted it to look like he cased a jump and everything had gone wrong – something a lot of us can relate too. At the last minute, however, he pulls a front flip and rides it out. The key to this sequence was setting his rebound as fast ass possible, so the shock would give him enough spring to complete the flip. Unlike the other tricks in this film, he landed the case front flip the first time he went for it.

The Puddle

To make this quirky piece of cinema happen, Danny had to be weighed down. His carbon frame was drilled out and filled with sand, his wheels were filled with water, and he placed 65 pounds of weights in his backpack.

And if you haven’t caught the original (or just need to re-watch it), click here.

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