Best bike marketing video ever?

And yes, it’s from Specialized — and it’s for an e-bike


Best bike marketing video ever?

Yeah, we know. Many of you are not fans of this whole e-bike thing. But no matter what you think of electric powered two-wheelers, you have to give the marketing team at Specialized props for this video.

So was your mind blown?

Best bike marketing video ever?

Want more? Here’s a more traditional video and bike. Man, that Matty Miles is one smooth operator.

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  • Zigmud Frutia says:

    Vell Doctors, e-bike stigma aside, I thought it was very entertaining and only a little too long. Multiple personality exploding penile head was great! Potty humor with Teutonic score and Freudian pyscho-sexual references throughout gave me something to think about other than pushing that heavy mountain biking thang when it runs out of gas, ummm err… electric battery. :)~ ‘Sometimes a cigar is more than a cigar’ Z.F.

  • Stu Bryson says:

    Gosh, I didn’t realize you started promoting motorcycles. Seriously, though, e-bikes are a direct threat to the shared, non-motorized trail access mountain bikers have fought so hard for. Happily they are permit only on Boise trails. I just hope it’s enforced.

  • Mike says:

    Stupid waste of time Video with zero real content. While it was probably fun to make it was not to watch. Cute nonsense. Worst Mountain Bike Video ever.I could go on but won’t…….

  • Bob Waldren says:

    The Levo vid was mildly entertaining, but it’s still just an ad.
    As for the Evo vid and Mr. Miles being a “smooth operator”…WTF?! Sure, he’s got awesome skills and I’m sure he can ride very smoothly, but instead we once again we see a bike industry video with a rider skidding all over the place and going off the singletrack and into the bushes numerous times. Specialized is directly promoting the kind of riding that destroys trails and gets bikes of all types banned from wilderness areas. Please, bike industry and media, stop glorifying this kind of riding!

  • Matt says:

    Best ad for bikes? Maybe. Haven’t seen many. But ebikes make me sad. Not a fan.

  • Simon says:

    Once you try a Quality Ebike it’ll be obvious why they’re so appealing. Like only being a third the tiredness of a conventional workout. Allowing you to rip on work days, before or after work and still have energy for everything else in your busy day. I Love all forms of riding bikes. these are just another type to enjoy. Live and enjoy your rides anyway you choose. It’s time well spent.

  • Lindal says:

    I like the video

  • John says:

    Maximizing how much energy you burn makes you more efficient and stronger. Isn’t the point of riding a mountain bike to have fun burning off energy? Since when is getting tired because you pedaled yourself up to the top a bad thing? You earned the downhill and all the food and beer you want afterward.

    Other than recognized disabilities, there should be an minimum age limit for these motorcycles. 70 sounds about right.

  • Ralph Cady says:

    Juvenile, adolescent, garbage advertising for a product no one who can pedal a bike themselves should consider using. E-bikes are only for those who can’t provide the power necessary using their muscles. At 59 years old I hope it will still be at least a couple more decades before I need an e-bike.

  • Tad Teays says:

    Stupid ad, nothing to make me feel manly-gnarly and shred it, send it, rip its face off, etc. like most mountain bike ads.

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