The Best Downieville Video Ever – 2013 Downieville Classic

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Carl Decker - 2013 Downieville Classic Downhill Winner

Downieville, in California’s Gold Country, is one of my very favorite places to ride mountain bikes. It’s got a wonderful trail system built on top of 150-year-old prospector’s trails. This video, by Coldstream Creative, is a little rough, but it’s the best video of the Downieville experience I’ve ever seen. It was shot this past weekend during the annual Downieville Classic downhill – arguably the original “enduro” race. The downhill race starts at about 7000 feet at Packer Saddle and descends 5000 feet in 15 miles to finish on the main street of Downieville. This year’s winner, Carl Decker (see photo, above), finished in 44 minutes and 53 seconds. The video gives a great overview of the race, with racers going full tilt on some of the fastest, funnest, and sketchiest singletrack on the planet. Enjoy!

2013 Downieville Classic Downhill Race Video:

I hope the video got you as pumped as it did me. I didn’t get to go to Downieville this year and that video has me seriously jonesing for some ripping shuttle runs, followed by a swim in the river. If you’ve never been to Downieville, I suggest you move it up on your list of must-visit mountain bike destinations. You won’t regret it.

For more information on the Downivieville Classic and mountain biking in Downieville, check out the Yuba Expeditions Web site.

Packer Saddle & The Sierra Buttes - Downieville, CA

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