The Best Mountain Bike Fenders For 2020

Here are the top fenders to protect you and your mountain bike from mother nature


Fenders can take on many different shapes, sizes and colors

Not every ride calls for mountain bike fenders—and many trails shouldn’t be ridden when wet—but sometimes conditions call for fenders to keep water, snow, slush and tire spray off the rider and to keep debris and loam off of forks, shocks and suspension pivots. Here’s a look at the best mountain bike fenders to help you and your bike beat the weather.

The Best Mountain Bike Fenders

MuckyNutz XL Fender

The Mucky Nuts Face Fender, formerly known as the Bender Fender, is an incredibly versatile fender that’s quick and easy to install and remove. It can be used as a fork-mounted mudguard to protect the face and fork seals. It can also be mounted to the seatstays to protect the shock and suspension linkages from water and debris. Made from durable and flexible plastic, this mudguard easily takes the shape of your fork bridge seatstays, minimizing any loss in tire clearance. It does a great job of catching water spray, diverting dirt and whatever else your tires might pick up.

Price: $17.79

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Ground Keeper Fenders

Fenders don’t have to be boring, they can be cool, artistic, and make and fashion statement that coordinates with your bike and maybe even your personality. Ground Keeper Fenders do a good job at that with fascinating designs with the coolest names. Find the one that fits you and your bike best.

Price: $24

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Mudhugger Front and Rear Fender Set

One of the priciest options on this list is also one of the best for all-season use. Durable, molded plastic fenders stay on the bike securely and provide category-leading coverage. These are heavy duty-fenders that are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. If you ride through winter or live in a very wet climate, this front and rear fender set is your new best friend.

Price: $55.20

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SKS Fatboard Fender Set

This is the ultimate set of fenders for fat bikes and plus bikes. They are big, secure, and keep their shape very well. Coverage behind and in front of a 29er wheel is also excellent. And the wide, long seat post mounted fender has an adjustable tension belt to secure it in place.

Price: $54.99

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Blackburn Splashboard Bike Fender Combo

Blackburn’s Splashboard fender set is a great option for full-suspension mountain bikes. The front fender mounts to the downtube. The rear fender mounts to the seatpost. A pivoting arm allows for precise adjustment to get the most coverage while not getting in the way of the rear suspension. Construction quality is excellent and installation is tool-free.

Price: $32.95

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Syncros Trail Fender

Syncros - Trail Fender - Squad Orange


The Syncros Trail Fender is the most integrated front mountain bike fender on the market. It mounts cleanly by bolting directly onto Fox 34 and 36 series forks. The bolt-on look gives it a clean look that you’ll be glad to ride year-round. The only downside is that this fender is not compatible with RockShox and other suspension forks.

Price: $19.00

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Marshguard Fork Fender

Often imitated, this original Marshguard fork fender is the simplest and smallest fender on our list. It is a flat panel cut from an ingenious template and shaped upon installation. Its small size won’t shield your body or your bike from all tire spray, but it will keep water and mud out of your eyes and mouth without adding clutter to your bike.


Price: $15

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  • Travis Bickle says:

    Mudhugger rear, RRP Proguard Max Protection front, the best combo for PNW winter.

  • Mike says:

    The Syncros fender only works with Fox 34 and 36, but is so far ahead of any other fender it’s not even funny. No zip ties, no marking, no noise, and it does not affect rack connection with your front tire.

    • D Marvin says:

      Just a add – the Syncros fender fits the Fox 34 & 36 BOOST forks only.

    • steve says:

      Its nice, I ride with one on my 36…but its significantly flawed in that the fender has no protection (ears) for your stantions. When its mucky out, it can kind of funnel junk to the stantions and onto the top of the seals. Thankfully Fox made their own bolt on that fixes this, but it only works with the new forks not ours.

  • Ethan Rothermel says:

    You can customize a fender on the Ground Keeper website! You don’t have to contact them to get a quote, or send them artwork. You design it, buy, and they will ship it to you!

  • Dylan Judy says:

    RPR (Rapid Racer Products) Pro BoltOn is the best if you have a 36.

  • cLal says: if you need guards for for your MTB & Fatbikes.

  • Nuke says:

    Reaper out of the UK makes some great fenders, similar to Ground Keeper & Marshguard with cool graphics.

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