Best mountain bike fenders

Which ones will keep your body and face dry?

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Fenders can take on many different shapes, sizes and colors

It’s fender season again in many parts of the country and the world. You can make your own but many have spent countless hours figuring and solving the problem already and many low-cost solutions are available.

Good front fenders keep water and muck off your face, while rear fenders are tasked with keeping your shorts dry. But which fenders do the job without getting in the way, or causing other aggravation? Press play to hear about some of the options we’ve been testing during these rainy days.

The best mountain bike fenders


MuckyNutz for the front tire has good coverage at the rear and front of the tire

The Mucky Nuts Face Fender, formerly known as the Bender Fender, is the first member of the Mucky Nutz fender family. It can be used as a fork mounted mudguard; to protect the face and fork seals, or as a rear fender; to protect your rear shock and/or front mech.

Made from durable plastic, when fitted using the supplied Velcro fasteners the mudguard takes the shape of your fork bridge, minimizing the loss in tire clearance. It then catches mud, water spray and whatever else you might pick up. Since the mudguard is installed so close to the ‘knobbly bits’, it’s small and discrete, which is a big plus for those that don’t like using them, and as it is so thin it adds negligible 22-gram weight to your bike.

Price: $18 for Large
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Adjustable design,you can cut along the dash line in the backside of mudguard to modify the length.

Price: $11
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Ground Keeper Fenders

The best creativity goes to Ground Keeper Fenders for sure.

Fenders can be ugly necessities hanging off the bike or they can be cool artistic and fashion statement to complement one’s bike and personality. Ground Keeper Fenders does a good job at that with fascinating designs with the coolest names. Find the one that fits you and your bike best.

Printed front fender: $24
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Big, molded plastic is exhibits that the Mudhugger means business

One of the priciest options of this group is also one of the best. Durable, molded plastic fenders stay on the bike securely and provide great coverage.

Price: Front fender: $30 | Rear fender: $38 |
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SKS Fatboard

Great coverage for tires up to 5 inches wide

This is the ultimate set of fenders for fat bikes and plus bikes. They are big, secure and keep their shape very well. Coverage behind and in front of a 29er wheel is also excellent. And the wide, long vseat post mounted fender has an adjustable tension belt to secure it in place.

MudX Price: $16
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Fatboard Price: $16
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simple, cleanly designed fender set keeps you dry and is super easy to install on a wide variety of bikes, especially many full-suspension rigs.

The front fender is frame-mounted and the rear is positioned in place by a pivoting arm. Construction is very robust and installation is tool-free.

Splashboard Price: $25
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Blackburn Barrier Price: $15
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Folding design improves fender coverage to protect you from flying debris off the front of the front wheel

The simplest and smallest of the front fenders in the lot is the original MarshGuard. It is a flat panel cut from an ingenious template and shaped upon installation. It’s not large or extremely effective but it’s effective enough to keep water and mud out of your eyes. The extension on the front is quite good and when bent and angled down, it helps keep water spray of the front at bay.

Price: $15
More info:

That’s what we have in the test rotation so far. The MuckyNutz offers the best features and options while The SKS fenders provide great coverage and great construction. The Blackburn set is a good value. And the Ground Keeper Fenders are the coolest looking.

What fenders are you using this winter?

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