Best Mountain Bike Tech Of 2017

From ground breaking frame designs to simple innovation and modification

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Best Mountain Bike Tech Of 2017

Finally… RockShox has moved away from the plunger to this under-bar dropper lever.

The past 12 months was a great year for innovations and tech in the mountain bike industry. From ground breaking and unusual frame designs, to simple innovation and modification of existing products, improvement was the name of the game. Press play for this list of the best of the best from our friends at the Global Mountain Bike Network.

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  • ka81 says:

    It’s more a SHAME than a pride for introducing “new” remote lever for RS Reverb..

  • jim Boreee says:

    Blooming wank, couldn’t understand a bloody word he said. Looks like a lot of stuff you really don’t need. Ex. backpack with pole? throw the bike over your shoulders, eh? Sternum support for your GoPro? really, do we have to look at yet another Epic ride from your frakin GoPro. Nnarcissism on steroids. give the filming a rest. Why do you bike? do show everyone your Extreme MTB skills and impress them with your prowess? or do you mtb for the enjoyment? just asking….

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