Best mountain bike videos of 2015

From BMX to DH, here are our favorite videos from the past year

The latest from Danny MacAskill including this amazing footage.

The latest from Danny MacAskill included this amazing footage.

With 4K cameras and drone footage becoming commonplace in every filmers collection of tools, it takes true creativity and skill to create a video segment that stands out. Here are our favorites of 2015.

Cascadia, Danny MacAskill

Despite focusing more on trials moves and less on big tricks, Cascadia is still a breathtaking (and nerve racking) tour de force. Do I really need to explain why this video makes the cut? Danny is a legend and I’m still getting emails about The Ridge from distant relatives.

Kaleidoscope, Kriss Kyle

Kriss Kyle combines extraordinary skills and mind shattering optical illusions in this incredible video. That’s why Kaleidoscope wins our vote for most creative concept of the year. I’ve watched all of the “making of” videos and still can’t comprehend the level of work that went into this project.

Chainless World Cup Win, Aaron Gwin

You should never count Aaron Gwin out of a race, even if he doesn’t have a chain. Despite breaking his chain out of the gate, Gwin pulled off arguably the most miraculous win in World Cup history.

Revel in the Chaos, Brandon Semenuk

Revel in the Chaos is perhaps the best of a new style of mountain bike films that became popular this year. Costing fan only a few dollars to own, it was both shorter in length and cheaper than traditional MTB films, while still featuring high production value and incredible riding.


If the logistics behind filming an entire segment using one continuous segment sound difficult, imagine doing it with just one take. Due to an injury, Semenuk was only able to ride the full line once — and that’s all they needed. AntFarm has helped define the look and feel of mountain bike cinematography for over a decade and their latest work is…. unReal. It features some of the most incredible story telling and riding ever captured on film and will surely define and elevate the standard by which mountain bike films are judged in the future.

Red Bull Rampage, Nicholi Rogatkin Crash

We don’t generally like watching crash videos, but this one has a happy ending. In what was easily one of the gnarliest get-offs in Red Bull Rampage history, Nicholi Rogatkin went cartwheeling down a 30-foot cliff after his front end slid out. Fortunately, he was able to ride away unscathed and finished off his run with a massive back flip.

Every Remy Metaillier Video

Remy Metailler Attacks Whistler Bike Park was the much anticipated sequel to Remy Metaillier Burns Whistler Bike Park, and despite the unoriginal naming, the riding was on point. Metailler is a mad man. His ability to gap, triple, and even quad the impossible is what makes his videos so fantastic.

Back on Track, Martyn Ashton

Two years ago, trials legend Martyn Ashton sustained a crash that left him paralyzed from the waist down. With the help of friends, he was recently able to get back on a bike, and we won’t lie, the video documenting his first ride back makes our eyes water.

Unreal BMX Street Riding, Garrett Reynolds

To the outside observer, this video may not be appear mind blowing as the edits by Danny MacAskill or Remy Metaillier, but this segment redefined what was possible in BMX street this year. If you’re waiting for the banger, you’re missing the point. This Garrett Reynolds segment is all about super tech tricks and absurd combos. It’s only on the second or third viewing do you start to appreciate just how incredibly difficult some of his lines are.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • The Reverend says:

    All day long, the Martyn Ashton one. Forget about the whips, the scrubs, the roost and insane tricks the other videos have and wish we could all do (and they’re AMAZING). But the Back on Track video, for me, epitomises what riding bikes is about, fun times, with mates, on great trails.
    You’ve got to be a cold soul to not tear up upon watching that.

  • Joe Floren says:

    It was great to see Ashton back on the bike, but I have to say this list of the best videos is grossly incomplete without anything from the amazing Chris Akrigg. How about “The Water Cycle”?

    And Danny M really deserves two nominations. The Cascadia video is probably his best to watch, but “The Ridge” with the unbelievable bump-front flip trick is one of the best ever.

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