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These are the most fascinating mini-pumps today.

Mountain bike mini pumps are like insurance. They’re a bit of a burden but getting caught without one with a flat tire on the trail is bad news. It is a trade-off between pumping effectiveness and price/weight/size. Thus when looking for the right pump, be honest and assess how many times you’ve had a flat tire in the last year. Once a week or once a year should greatly affect the size and cost of pump you want to invest in.

In general, the smaller the pump, the slower it is to inflate a tire, especially at the highest final pressure. If you get lots of flats and want to pump up your tire as fast as possible, you may want a larger, more expensive pump. Keep in mind that bigger pumps tend to be heavier and bulkier and is something you’ll need to carry every single ride.

To carry the pump, you’ll need to install a holder on the bike frame. But if you have a lot of bikes, carrying it on a hydration pack or hip pack is a better option.

Pumps are either optimized for High Volume or High Pressure and in this list, we’d like to focus on high volume pumps for mountain bikes. Mountain bike tires typically don’t exceed 40 psi anymore while road bike tires are pumped to 130 psi. Pumps that can’t pump to high PSI’s are generally faster are they’re optimized to push more air. These are ideal for mountain bikes.

Another great option is to have a pump that rests on the ground like a floor pump. This allows a stable backstop to hold the barrel of the pump instead of having to fight it with the other hand. Also, the rider can put their weight on the pump making it easier to inflate the tire.

And finally, CO2 inflators are great to use for experienced riders since they are light to carry and are quick inflators. But they’re usually good for only one tire and the rider is left with no backup in case of another flat. We’ll include pumps that allow CO2 and pumping action to provide the best of both worlds.

Here are the best and most interesting portable bike pumps today

The EDC is a staggering engineering achievement with its pumping and integrated storage abilities

OneUp Components EDC Pump

Why you want it
The EDC Pump offers a unique storage solution integrated into a high volume pump. It is designed to integrate with the EDC Tool System, CO2 canister or your favorite stash. Crafted from aluminum with a durable textured machined finish.

It is an amazing pump on its own but what separates it from the rest is its ability to host the EDC tool system which has most of the trailside tools a rider needs including CO2

It features impressive air volume movement relative to its size. Also, a very slick array of tools can be carried inside the pump. The integration is impressive, as seen here .

Price: $59
Weight: 160 grams
Length: 254mm
Air volume: 100cc

More info:

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The Morph is a two-faced pump with hand pump and floor pump personalities. It’s available in many sizes with the this Mountain model optimized for big jobs.

Topeak Mountain Morph

Why you want it
The Morph is a mini pump series from Topeak that has a very special talent, it turns into a floor pump. Everyone knows that floor pumps are more efficient than hand pumps because the base is anchored to the ground and every ounce of pump energy is transferred to the pump without having to fight the other end.

The Morph can be used as a hand pump or a very small floor pump when the opportunity arises. It’s much more effective at inflating big tires compared to normal hand pumps.

The Mountain Morph is one of a vast array of Morph pumps from Topeak and this is optimized for big mtb tires. So we think you’ll find the right one for your application if this model is not ideal for you.

It’s not perfect as the handle is a bit small for two-handed operation and the hose is a little bit short to reach tall valve stems in rough terrain. And we wish the max psi was lower to say 40 psi instead of 160 to optimized for volume instead of pressure. But this is a good pump and it basically revolutionized the category with its ability to morph.

Price: $40
Weight: 250 grams
Length: 350mm
Air volume: 101cc
CAPACITY: 160 psi / 11 bar

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The Klic uses the best materials and magnets to deliver a high-quality pump.

Crank Brothers Klik HV

Why you want it
Crank Brothers has made mistakes in other categories in the past but not with portable pumps. They’ve always produced unique and dependable pumps in the market for about a decade. The Klic HV is another such pump with a magnetic hose to enable easy installation and a twisting collar to interface with presta valves easily.

The handle is secure and ergonomic and air volume output is good.

Premium pump with a flexible rubber hose to allow for easy inflation
Features include a presta/schrader valve adapter, magnetic head with twisting collar, and a folding and locking handle.

Price: $40
Weight: 124 grams
Length: 220mm
Air volume: NA

More info:

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This finely crafted pump doubles as a portable floor pump manufactured with the highest quality and materials.

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG

Why you want it
Floor pump efficiency in a super compact, hand pump size is what the Micro Floor Drive delivers. Its lightweight CNC machined aluminum barrel, piston, base, and T-handle is ideal for inflating big tires quickly. A stainless steel foot peg stabilizes pump during use and the HVG version features integrated pressure gauge. It’s a finely crafted accessory that delivers performance as well.

Price: $50
Weight: 205 grams
Length: 300 mm
Air volume: 120cc
Max psi: 90

More info:

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The SKS Airboy CO2 can handle can serve as a CO2 inflator or a hand pump with little compromise on both.

SKS Airboy CO2

Why you want it
The SKS Airboy is special since because it has both CO2 capability and manual pump in an ideal form factory. The amazing head handles both air sources well and interfaces with tire valves with ease.

Price: $32
Weight: 250 grams
Length: 200mm
Air volume: cc
Max psi: 87 psi

More info: SKS USA

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The CO2fer can handle CO2 and hand pump abilities

Mammoth CO2fer portable pump

Why you want it
This is a low-pressure pump designed just for mountain bikes thus it can deliver high volume in a small package. And it can accommodate a CO2 cartridge so it has the speed of CO2 as well as the dependability and cost-efficiency of a hand pump.

Price: $40
Weight: 191 grams
Length: 180mm
Air volume:
Max psi: 50 psi

More info:

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These pumps are all from great, established brands with a vast array of pump options. So check out their other options if the size or form factor of a particular model for you.

And make sure you buy a separate floor pump for the garage. Many are inexpensive and push a lot more air than these portable pumps.

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  • Scott says:

    You don’t mention it, but the Klik HV has a small storage area in the cap . . . where you can put a CO2 adapter (or something else if you aren’t using CO2). So it is also able to be used both ways (I own two of them, albeit not with the CO2 adapter).

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