BikeYoke Divine SL dropper post weighs just 345g

New 80mm travel post aimed at cross-country racing crowd

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BikeYoke Divine SL

The BikeYoke Divine SL delivers 80mm of travel while keeping weight modestly low.

Unless you’re a dedicated XC racer, you’ve almost certainly already embraced the greatness that is dropper posts. Arguably the most influential mountain bike component of the last decade, these handy saddle adjusters make riding infinitely more fun. But the weight weenies of the MTB world have yet to completely buy in.

Though it’s hard to argue with the performance benefit, many hard core racers simply can’t get past the weight penalty, which depending on model and travel amount can be as much as 300-400 grams when comparing a dropper post to a reasonably light rigid model. Enter German component maker BikeYoke, which has already wowed us with their Revive dropper post, as is now chasing the XC market with the new short travel BikeYoke Divine SL. Press play to learn more.

The BikeYoke Divine SL, as in super light, has a claimed weight of 385g (post only in 30.9 form) and delivers 80mm of travel. Length is 400mm and it can be trimmed to 285mm, which will shave the weight to the 350g range. There’s also a 31.6mm version of the Divine SL, which is a touch heavier. Price is $399 including remote. And note that BikeYoke is not the first player in this space. The 65mm travel KS LEV Integra CI dropper post has a claimed weight of 400g (including cable and remote), and a complete 9point8 Fall Line R is about 435g with 75mm of travel.

The BikeYoke Divine SL’s cable routing is internal, and it can be outfitted with a 2x or 1x friendly trigger style remote with adjustable paddle length to allow for customized lever feel and position. It can be mated with most brake levers via matchmaking adapters for SRAM, Shimano, Magura, Formula, and Hope.

BikeYoke Divine SL

The BikeYoke Divine SL can be outfitted with a 2x or 1x friendly trigger style remote.

The BikeYoke Divine SL also features a lower tube that’s tapered underneath the collar, as XC posts are not fully inserted into the frame. And due to the new internal design and the short travel lenth, this post does not need the manual revive function found on the Revive dropper, meaning it does not need to be bled or reset.

As with other BikeYoke droppers, they claim much attention has been paid to reliability and serviceability. Thus the BikeYoke Divine SL can be taken apart and serviced with basic tools. It’s a 10-minute job with no oil involved, as you don’t need to open the hydraulic cartridge itself.

BikeYoke Divine SL

For now the BikeYoke Divine SL is not being offered in 27.2mm, a common measure on XC hardtails. “We simply do not feel confident enough with marketing a reliable 27.2 post,” said BikeYoke. “If we are doing it, we´re doing it right and so far, we haven´t found a solution, that we are happy with.”

The post will be available starting at the end of November and it can be ordered online at

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