BMX Legend Ryan Nyquist joins Haro’s mountain bike team

Long time Haro BMX superstar expands team role to dirt jump duties

Ryan Nyquist rides for Haro's MTB team, busts a back flip. (photo by: RichKPhotography)

Ryan Nyquist rides for Haro’s MTB team, busts a back flip (click to enlarge). Photo by RichKPhotography

That cycling legend Ryan Nyquist is a long time rider for Haro’s BMX team is something that you probably already know. And you may also know that Nyquist dabbed in some mountain bike events last year, just for fun. Announced today, Nyquist has committed to a full competitive schedule for 2016 in MTB along with BMX as a dual-sport athlete.

Nyquist explains this exciting change himself, “I’ve been riding and competing in BMX for over 20 years and I still love it just as much today and I did when I started. But for me, riding has always been about pushing myself to achieve new goals, and MTB is another way to challenge myself and progress my riding.”

Check out this highlight reel of Ryan as he talks about “flipping the switch” between his BMX and his DJ. And yeah, he goes huge on both:

Nyquist’s participation in select 2015 dirt jump events piqued his interest because of both the similarities and differences between the two disciplines. And he is in no form or fashion giving up on the BMX scene.

Haro’s COO Joe Hawks says, “When you think BMX you think Ryan Nyquist, and that’s never going to change. But if he’s looking for an extra challenge, we’re thrilled to have him involved in just another branch of the family with Haro MTB. We know he’ll bring the same excitement to the MTB world that he still does today on the BMX side.”

Nyquist has been riding for Team Haro for 20 years. (photo by: RichKPhotography)

Nyquist has been riding for Team Haro for 20 years (click to enlarge). Photo by RichKPhotography

If you are somehow unfamiliar with the name Ryan Nyquist, he started riding at the age of three and competed in his first BMX freestyle competition when he was 16. When he was 18, Nyquist competed in his first X Games and by 2003 Nyquist had won every major dirt competition – X Games, Gravity Games, Vans Triple Crown, and the King of Dirt. This year marks his 20th year with Haro BMX and his legend continues to grow today. Nyquist’s MTB of choice is the Haro Steel Reserve 1.3 dirt jumper.

Haro Bikes has been making quality BMX bikes for over 35 years and they entered the mountain bike market in 1988. We have recently covered their new line of Shift full suspension bikes as well as the hardtail and full suspension Plus bikes that are new for 2016. From the company: “Haro MTB maintains that mountain biking should be done for the sport, rather than for the status, and aims to offer products that allow its consumers to do so without overspending.”

For more informatin about Haro and their line of BMX and Mountain Bikes (including their new Plus bikes), visit:

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