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Mtbr got a look at the San Francisco startup Boombotix’s new Boombot REX at this year’s Sea Otter Classic. The Boombot REX is a 2.1 portable bike speaker system that includes Bluetooth control (for connectivity to iPods, smartphones, tablets, and laptops), a noise-canceling microphone, and built-in Siri integration. This little package packs a big punch by reaching volume levels of 90 [email protected], making it the loudest portable speaker available in its size on the market. The Boombot REX also features a rugged construction with a tough built-in utility clip and can last up to 6hrs on its battery charge.

Chris McKleroy, co-founder/VP Product states that “The Boombot REX is our next step in pursuing modern design by introducing a clean-cut aesthetic with an optimized shape. The new shell enhances air flow to give a full range of frequencies and deliver that great sound quality our customers have come to expect. Additionally, we continue to be technically innovative with the Boombot REX by creating an ideal companion device for smartphones—we integrated a microphone so users can take calls and communicate voice commands to their device via Siri. Users can simply ask the speaker what time is it or call momand the speaker responds/reacts to the command, without taking your phone out.All of these core values tie into our desire to make a truly ultraportable speaker. Boombotix was originally founded to make listening to music, while cycling, a safer experience. The Boombot REX goes a step further and breaks through the physical constraints of today’s smartphones and tablets that hinder a fulfilling media experience. “With the impending arrival of the Boombot REX, the goal isn’t merely to create an ultraportable speaker, but to define the entire category.”

The Boombot REX is available for Pre-Order now for $129.99 and will ship at the end of May. For more information visit

Boombotix Boombot REX Features:

Uncompromising acoustic performance
The sound on the REX is unmatched by any speaker of its size. With dual 36-millimeter fullrange drivers and a professionally tuned Bass Woofer, the REX is the smallest 2.1 sound system available. The full dynamic range of the REX is stabilized across all frequencies in the audible spectrum, yielding a stunning bass response that is matched to the drivers, delivering peaking highs and precise vocals. The volume of the Boombot REX reaches over 90 [email protected]

Modern design with unparalleled utility
As a companion device to the mobile phone, the industrial design of the Boombot REX ultraportable speaker was sculpted to compliment one’s handset as a day-to-day accessory. The Boombot REX was built as a speaker distinguished lines and can be discreetly integrated into one’s outerwear, or showcased as a beacon of modern design. In addition, the REX will come in a variety of base colors, limited artist collaborations, and fully interchangeable grills and clips. The customization options are endless.

Ultraportable engineering that fits in your palm
The product originated from carving a clay block to find the ideal shape for the ultraportable speaker- built for those who lead an outdoor active lifestyle. The unit is certified IP53 water-resistant; no worries if you bring it cycling in rain or on your next winter outing. The industrial design of the REX encourages the user to pick it up, clip it on, and add a soundtrack to your life in motion.

Hands free capabilities that empower and protect
The REX incorporates a noise-cancelling microphone that allows you to answer, deny, or end a phone call with the press of a button. Leave your phone protected in your pocket and change tracks and volume, and do it all with just three buttons.

SoundHub & Daisy Chain
Simply plug in any peripheral speaker system to the Audio Out port on the Boombot REXand the stereo signal will be replicated throughout the entire system. To daisy chain the Boombot REX, simply plug the Audio Out into the Audio In port on the next Boombot REX speaker, and repeat infinitely.

Remote Siri Integration
The REX is the first ultraportable speaker with Siri integration. Queue a request to Siri with the push of a button and Siri will answer back through the speaker.

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  • Joe Mymer says:

    Wow, finally the solution to a problem no self respecting MTBR was having!
    Bad enough all the stravidiot’s bombing trails with ear-buds unaware off there surroundings. Now I guess we get to listen to there noise pollution as well.

  • shosan says:

    One of the most annoying things is someone on the trail with music blaring. lame!

  • singlesprocket says:

    hah awesome, can have some fun with this

  • Catmando says:

    First, the damn thing is big and ugly. Who would want something that big on their bars?
    Second, I agree with the others. No one wants to hear “noise pollution” on the trails. If you have to play music while Mountain biking than ears buds will have to do. Of course like it was already said by someone else even with those it really isn’t safe because you can’t here things around you. How tragic it would be to stop at the top of hill only to have you ankle bit by a rattlesnake because you didn’t hear the rattle.

  • Tim says:

    Oh boy! a new device that makes it super easy to be a douche bag!

  • Cort says:

    Man, got a lot of haters. I think its a cool idea. I’d rather have someone hear me coming on a tight, fast single track trail then having a head on (which has happened multiple times). Get over it people. They trails are for sharing. If getting exposed to someone else’s music for 30 seconds really ruins you’re trip, then you might have other issues to examine…

  • peper says:

    Already rolling with the Jam HDMX. They do sound great and it does let people know where you are when the singletrack gets tight and fast. I can hear more with the Jam running than with headphones on. Headphones are dangerous.

  • palmermtb says:

    Hell yeah, I’ve been waiting for this little monster for awhile. I love having a little Metallica going when I’m hammering up of bombing down. Music just amplifies the experience. Pun intended. A little music to get your juices flowing is awesome. Of course, if I come up on someone I usually turn it down as I believe in being considerate. However, once I’m clear I’m blastin the tunes while blastin down the trail.

    I prefer this over some bonehead wearing his earphones and not hearing what is going on around him. Headphones are unsafe for cycling, Speakers are wicked cool.

  • Esther says:

    I think this might be awesome for the elderly person who lives alone, who has a smartphone. You wear this clipped to your clothing, and when you fall, you can dial 911 on your cellphone that’s in the other room. It should be loud enough for those with hearing loss to use as speakerphone.

  • Mike D says:

    Where is the subwolfer

  • Mike D says:

    I am really into just about any new gadget at least for the day but I just cant feel it at all. Out of a possible 5 stars I give it 1/2 star and that’s only because I want to see next years model.

  • Michael A says:

    This little speaker is fantastic. I love riding with the thing, especially on night rides. There is a Lot of wildlife where I ride, and this guy makes some noise and lets the creatures of the night know you are coming and will usually disperse before you run across them. I hate the “cut off from the world” feeling you get with headphones when riding, or doing anything at speed, and this solves that problem and then some. Being able to keep your phone/music device safely in your bag or zipped in a pocket, and still control your music is RAD. The speaker looks big on the handlebars, but its really very small and impressively lightweight. I clip it to the strenum strap on my camelbak and forget its even there.
    In the car I use it as a hands free device for calls and it works incredibly well.
    I literally take it with me everywhere.

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