Bosch Kiox is new on-board eBike computer

Full color display with Bluetooth connectivity and much more

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Bosch Kiox On-board eBike Computer

Further enhancing the eBike experience, the Bosch Kiox compact, full-color eBike computer has launched. It offers new features via Bluetooth connectivity, and the Gorilla Glass display makes it durable for hardcore eBikers. Think of it like a mini iPhone display for your electric bike. And because Bosch partners with 30+ eBike manufacturers, Kiox could soon mark a new standard for the entire eBike industry.

Bosch Kiox On-board eBike Computer

The small and robust color display is controlled by a separate control unit on the handlebar and provides the eBiker with data on speed, personal performance, cadence, battery state of charge, and more. In addition, the on-board computer can be combined with an optional heart rate monitor.

“Bosch Kiox is our best and brightest display with more useful features than ever packed into such a compact unit,” said Claudia Wasko, VP and GM of Bosch eBike Systems Americas. “With its ability to connect to the rider’s heart-rate via wearable sensors, Kiox also marks our first step in North America connecting eBikes to the eBiker’s digital world.”

Bosch Kiox On-board eBike Computer

Bicycle manufacturers can choose to install the Bosch Kiox with a Bosch mount or integrate it into the handlebar stem by means of custom solutions. This leads to different design variants as well as a minimalistic eBike look. Bosch Kiox has already impressed with its clean appearance, vibrant color scheme and clearly structured user interface , being recognized with a “Best New Product” Award at Eurobike 2018.

Bosch Kiox On-board eBike Computer

Another Bosch Kiox highlight is the display lighting. It automatically adapts to the surroundings. The 1.9″ high-resolution color display is readable even in direct sunlight and in the dark. The central position on the handlebar stem provides an ideal reading angle. Robust Gorilla Glass protects the display against scratching and other damage. The magnetic holder provides a secure grip and allows easy removal and attachment of the on-board computer.

The integrated display battery provides up to 20 minutes of power in the off-board mode and displays a summary of the day’s activities. The on-board computer is controlled by the separate Remote Compact control unit on the handlebar. The palpable pressure from the buttons of the new rugged remote gives the eBiker clear feedback.
The Bosch Kiox also supports eBikers wishing to improve their fitness. The on-board computer notifies eBikers whether they are going above or below the average speed, motivating them to perform better. With an optimal Bluetooth-connected heart rate monitor, Bosch Kiox users can check their current pulse range at all times, enabling them to get the most out of their training.

Bosch Kiox On-board eBike Computer

The Bluetooth low-energy interface also allows users to download Kiox software updates to the on-board computer without requiring a cable connection. The future will see even further functions connecting eBikers to the new on-board computer.

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