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This review covers the Jeni H and the BR Lights C2.1 H (see below for full review on both lights)


Jeni H $ 299.00

Light Price Claimed Lumens Runtime Battery Type Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight Lumens per gram Lumens per dollar
BR Lights Jeni H $299 410 2.25hrs Lithium Ion 301g n/a 301g 1.36 1.37
BR Lights C2.1H $330 410 4.5hrs Lithium Ion 407g n/a 407g 1.01 1.24

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.


The BR Lights Jeni is a self-contained helmet mount system. Construction is excellent and the switch mechanism is best in class. It’s a bit on the heavy side at 301 grams but it is fairly flat and sits low on top of the helmet. The light is extremely bright with a spot that allows the the rider to see very far into the trail.

Light Head Close ups:

img_2045.jpg img_2047.jpg img_2048.jpg

dsc_0038-gallery_37_over.gifMounting options:

This light is for helmet mounting only. The straps are looped around the helmet vents and locked on with plastic clips.

Light Meter Measurements:

The Jeni scored very well on our ambient light measurements with 28 lux. This compares to 24 Lux for the Exposure Race Maxx and 30 Lux for the Exposure Enduro Maxx.


  • Very bright helmet light
  • Self-contained, no wires system
  • Very fast 1 hour charge time
  • Great on/off switch
  • hard shell case included


  • Up and down range for aiming the light is limited
  • 2 hour run-time is a bit short
  • Battery level indicators seem wasted since they are on top of the helmet and are not visible
  • It’s a bit heavy for a helmet light at 301 grams

Bottom Line:

If you can live with the weight on the helmet and 2 hour run-time, the light is bright and it throws a great beam pattern.

Beam Pattern Photos:


br-lights-jeni.jpg backyard-br-lights-jeni.jpg

Beam Pattern rollover and side by side comparison page available here.

Value Rating:

4 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5 Stars

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BR Lights C2.1 H $ 330.00


Introduced last year, BR Lights is a pioneer in self-contained powerful LED lights. The light is bit bulky and heavy on the handlebar but there’s no wires and no battery. This has a big switch that is very easy to use and charge time extremely fast. Bottom line is the beam pattern is very bright and wide and it lasts a very long time.

Light Head Close ups:

img_2044.jpg img_2042.jpg

c2-mounting-freedom.jpgMounting options:

This light is for handlebar mounting only. The aluminum clamp can handle both standard and oversize handlebars. The light can be aimed left to right

Light Meter Measurements:

The C2.1H scored well on our ambient light measurements with 28 lux. This compares to 24 Lux for the Exposure Race Maxx and 30 Lux for the Exposure Enduro Maxx.


  • Very bright helmet light
  • Awesome run-time at 4 hours
  • Self-contained, no wires system
  • Very fast 1 hour charge time
  • Great on/off switch with battery level indicators
  • hard shell case included


  • It’s big and not so pretty
  • 407 grams on the handlebar is a bit heavy

Bottom Line:

Despite its looks and size, this self-contained system throws a nice bright light that is complemented well by the BR Lights Jeni. If you want the brightest, self-contained system with no wires, the BR Lights system is a good choice.

NOTE: The Jeni and the C2 can when purchased together is available for $549 (at press time)

Beam Pattern Photos:

C2.1 H

br-lights-c2.jpg backyard-br-lights-c2.jpg

Jeni & C2.1 H Combo


Beam Pattern rollover and side by side comparison page available here.

Value Rating:

4.25 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5 Stars

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A word from the Manufacturer:

First we would like to thank MTBR for including us in your lights shootout.

The best features of our light are:

–its simple all in one compact design

–ease of mounting

–excellent light color for better depth perception

–bombproof design and materials increase durability

–true current LED drive (ie…constant light output level that will not dim)

–lightning fast charge

–hard shell carrying case included

–cutting edge LED technology

–future technology upgrades to your existing unit

–money back guarantee (see website)

–made in USA

As for some of the comments in the review we would like to add some important information please read below.



In use, center mounting on the helmet and low profile of the light will effectively minimize perceived weight. This means the unit is less noticeable than if it were forward mounted and higher off the helmet like some of our competitors. In fact our 24 hour solo racer Sarah Kaufmann recently used one at nationals and was pleasantly surprised by how little she noticed it on her head even during a grueling 24 hour event.


The adjustment range is optimized to give you all the angles you need when the light is center mounted. It also has the added benefit of allowing riders to adjust position, with one hand, on the fly while riding. We guarantee there’s plenty of adjustment, if you disagree you can return your new light for a full refund.


Please don’t forget the low setting runs for up to 4.5 hours still outputting a comfortable 164 lumens. Mix low for long climbs and high for the DH and you can get a comfy 3hr+ run time. The third setting is customizable to your lumens preference and can give you extended run time of up to 200 hours.

We are also coming out with an auxiliary Li-Polymer, 11.1 V @ 4200mAH battery for those who are out for the long haul ( size: 5″ x 3″ x 3/4″ | weight; 325g / .7 LB…perfect jersey pocket size with room for food to spare) The unit features automatic power source recognition meaning it will immediately swap from auxiliary to internal power when it senses it is necessary.

Bottom line, we are committed to delivering a bombproof product that will get you home or help you finish the race safely. We don’t like the idea of stumbling home in the dark and we don’t think you should have to.


The indicator may be on top of your head but does it really help you more if it’s in your camelback or jersey pocket? To ensure the rider knows time is running out, the beam pulses during the last 15 min of run time (at 5 second intervals). Changing the power level to low or stealth settings can extend those last minutes up to 40+ hours.


Weight: 300 g ( .66 lb) – Head unit with internal battery
Head Size:
3.75 x 3 x 1.25 inches (95 x 76 x 32 mm)
Burn Time:
High: 1.9 hrs + 5 hrs | Low: 4.5 hrs + 13.5 hrs | Stealth Mode: 200+ hrs (+ = auxiliary)
Charge Time: <1.2 hrs (0% to 100%)
Modes: High= 410 lumens, Low= 164 lumens, Stealth = customizable
Battery: Integrated Li-Polymer, 11.1 V @1400 mAh
Battery Indicator: Single-point Digital 6 stage indicator
Helmet Mount w/ Nylon straps


Yes…we’re aware it has a utilitarian look only an engineer would drool over. Besides Its dark, all you can see is the trail anyway. The C2.1’s compact ,all in one design, takes up less total space than frame and bottle mounted battery lights. Use one knob to mount the system and you’re ready to ride. The bar clamp is designed to allow mounting to any portion of any handlebar (including riser) while maintaining full range adjustability. And for 2007 we’ve refined the clamp mechanism to prevent the loss of mounting hardware. Once you’ve tried a C2.1 we guarantee you’ll appreciate its simplicity and power.

As to the feel of the light on the handlebar, if you can tell its there and you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back. Talking shop, the gyroscopic effects of the wheel (why a rider stays upright) far outweigh the C2.1’s rotational inertia when it comes to steering. Even so at 8.2 g*m^2 the C2.1 is rotationally as massive as a standard carbon fiber handle bar.


Weight: 415 g (.9 lbs) – All inclusive
Head Size: 3.5 x 2.63x 1.9 inches (89x67x48mm)
Burn Time: 4 hrs (High) 9 hrs (low) 250+ hrs (stealth)
Charge Time: <1.2 hrs (0% to 100%)
Modes: High= 410 lumens, Low= 164 lumens
Battery: Integrated Li-Polymer, 22.2 V @1400 mAh
Battery Indicator: Single-point Digital 6 stage indicator
Mounting: 22-32 mm Bar Mount

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  • kris says:

    Again, just when I had considered the Dinotte, the BR Lights option seems like more bang for the buck and more of a professional setup. Customizable lumens settings? 1.2hr charge time? Huh.
    By the way, how much is the extra battery?

  • Dave Wright says:

    I have been running a C2 for about a year, using it an average of once per week about half mountain and half road riding. It’s been a great light – one of the few products that I would recommend. The look does not bother me. Its weight on the bar does not affect bike handling or lofting the front end over obstacles. Of greater importance may be that there are no wires to get snagged by brush and unbalance the rider.

    On the positives…the light is quite well made and completely waterproof, bright, and has a nice mix of flood and spot in the beam. This is a professional grade product, as you would want for a mission-critical situation like remote area winter night time mountain biking.

    Niggles? A couple times I have had the light rotate a bit around the bar while banging through long and heavily rooted sections. Some sort of quick release would be nicer than the thumbscrew, and consistent with the idea of a light that can be quickly switched between bikes. Take the lower battery level indications seriously; I have been glad that I had a separate helmet light a couple times when the battery clocked out a bit earlier than I expected.

  • Mike Lorimer says:

    What I would like is a powerful LED head lamp with a narrow beam to scan the trail far ahead. I have a wide beam HID and I don’t want to duplicate it with a wide beam head lamp. Are any of these lights narrow beam?

  • Bill Coulam says:

    The review mentions the Exposure line in a couple places, but I have yet to find the page for those products here.

  • Anonymous says:

    The C2.1-H is the best handle-bar mount light I’ve ever used, hands-down. And I’ve used a lot since I started nightriding in 1990 – from Nightsun, Nightrider, and Light and Motion. I’m going to post a C2.1-H review today. The fact that it’s self-contained is huge. No seperate wires, switch, or mount – just one little box with a well designed mount on the bottom, a switch and power-level indicating dual-color LED on top, Lithium Polymer battery inside, and the two LED lamps in the front. The light-output is as powerful as my HID (what? Yep!), the color is *better* – a nice white color. The charging/recharging is ultra-fast. The unit is super easy to mount/remove from the handlebar, so every week it goes back and forth between my commuter bike and my mtb bike (night rides every Weds). It’s so worth the money, I’m expecting these things to take off. I’ve only heard negative comments about the supposed “bulkey-ness”, but I’m convinced that these are from people who haven’t seen one in person – it’s not bulky at all, though it looks like it would be from the pictures. Yes, the box-shape isn’t pretty, but who gives a crap? Not me… The construction, design, and materials are all top-notch, and so far this bike has been totally reliable (used for over a year). It simply rocks…

  • Anonymous says:

    I bought one of these lights 9 months ago. Fantastic. None of my riding companions has anything as bright and when on the road I get shoved to the front (The only bad thing about it).
    The weight is insignificant, and as for the look, it works and there are no fancy little things to fall off. The battery life is amazing I hardly ever charge it.
    I would definately reccommend one.

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