4th Annual E-Bike Race at 2019 Sea Otter Classic

Battery powered racers have the chance at impressive $3000 prize purse

E-bike Event News Sea Otter Classic

Bulls and Bosch to host 4th Annual eMTB race at the Sea Otter Classic.

Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, in hot pursuit of a podium position at last year’s race. (Credit: Douglas Schwartz ELV Motors)

BULLS and Bosch team up to host the 4th Annual eMTB race at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic. This year’s eMTB race boasts an improved course with new added features and challenges, the new course is guaranteed to test the legs and lungs of even the best riders – Scheduled for four laps, each 2.5-mile lap features 500 feet of climbing.

The first ascent takes riders on a haul up the hill’s main face, while the second is a longer and more technical switchback climb—running alongside the Dual Slalom Course. The downhill singletrack sections will once again be fast and flowing with many obstacles along the way including two rock gardens and the “Gravel Speed Trap”—a gravel section designed to stop race cars going more than 200mph.

Tim Böhme, from Team BULLS, finished third place at last year’s race. This year will be his third Sea Otter eMTB race. (Credit: Diego Souza BULLS
Bikes USA).

“We’re looking forward to this being the most challenging and competitive eMTB race yet in our inaugural year as Sea Otter’s Electric Bike sponsor,” said Adam Anderson, Marketing Manager at Bulls Bikes USA. “It’s great to see racers of all ages and skill levels race alongside the world’s best as Team BULLS brings three of its pros from Germany to join forces with Christian Husband, BULLS Bikes USA’s first North America-based pro.” “Class 1 eMTB racing at Sea Otter Classic gets better each year,” said Claudia Wasko, Vice President & General Manager of Bosch eBike Systems Americas. “With the addition of Bulls as title sponsor, a new timing system, and more fantastic eMTB models on the market with improved geometry, bigger suspension and integrated batteries, this year’s race is looking to be our best yet!”

From 2018 Sea Otter, check out the Bulls Bike options outlined by Adam Anderson

The eMTB race is open to both men and women who will compete in six amateur age categories and a pro category. First place prize for pros (both men and women) is $750; second place prize is $500, and third place is $250 for a total purse of $3000. Winners in all categories will receive power tools from Bosch and assorted gear.

For those looking to compete in this years race – Registration is open HERE

All info on the 2019 Sea Otter Classic available at www.seaotterclassic.com

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  • C says:

    What’s the point of ebike ‘racing’. The whole premise is stupid beyond belief.

  • joeyJohnson says:

    Can I bring my Zero ped???

  • Nikolai says:

    The race should be renamed correctly to “4th Annual Motor-Bike Race at 2019 Sea Otter Classic”. The “E” should be dropped to show what the race really is.

  • Dickachu says:

    are they raced uphill on dh track?? or megavalanche style uphill??

  • Shark says:

    Hey, at least there are power tools for prizes!

  • ninjichor says:

    Is there video coverage of this? I’m curious of what this looks like. Would be interesting if it had elements of multiple disciplines, to showcase the versatility of emtbs, including cyclocross barriers, stairs, off cambers, to techy slow rock sections that might require trials skills, uphill flow, jumps, mentally scary steep rock rollers… with very long go around B-lines.

  • Scotch Hennesy says:

    Me and my son raced ebikes last April at Vail Lake. We had a blast! Caveat: I ride non-ebikes 100% of the time. Although, as I read negative comments from the keyboard trolls regarding ebikes…makes me wonder why anyone regarding themselves a cyclist would shun this activity. If a frame with two-wheels connected (electric assist motor or not) can abstain people from staring at their damn phones (go to an amusement park and watch the zombies with their heads down) or medicating on Bravo TV, I’m all for the sport.

  • Tove Sorensen says:

    Interesting to see these type of comments. Spent 2 years on a balloon tire Rad Rover bike just having fun with the wife. 8-9 months ago I dropped 5g’s and bought the Giant Trance E+1 Pro. My gosh, my whole exercise life has changed!! I ride 10x more often, go so much further and exercise at least that much more and at 57 years old, just getting on the bike and getting out makes all the difference in the world. At first I didnt like the 19.5 mph limit, but now I see the wisdom and am thankful for this to allow for civil speeds and riding amongst other bikes. Having said all that, I signed up for the 2020 ebike 55 and older in April and hoping to finish in the top 50%. Its here to stay and man youre missing out on tons of fun!

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