Bulls Bikes charging into U.S. market

Setting up dealer network for e-bikes and more

E-bike Sea Otter Classic
Bulls Bikes charging into U.S. market

The Monster E FS is a 120mm travel, full suspension e-fatbike. Yeah, it’s like a couch with pedals and a motor. This could be the answer for trail maintenance, ranger patrols, or any other need to get out into uncharted territory. 

Germany’s Bulls Bikes has been around since 1997. But the brand has only recently infiltrated North America with an extensive offering of bikes in all categories. Their biggest push — the e-bike segment.

“We see a lot of potential with e-bikes in the U.S.,” explained Adam Anderson, Bull’s U.S. marketing manager.

Bulls Bikes charging into U.S. market

Mounted low on the bike, the 350W Bosch Performance Line CX driveunit puts out some serious power and can boost a riders power input by up to 300%.

While e-bikes have begun to catch on in the U.S., many consumers still seem slow to adopt or even accept the technology depending on the application. But Bulls, is excited to lead the charge in bringing diverse e-bike technology to the U.S. market for both MTB and city bike applications. Bull’s is one of few brands to utilize a variety of e-bike motor options. “We want to give people choices,” added Anderson. “So we offer a few different technologies.”

Bull’s mountain e-bike collection features motor options from Bosch, Shimano, and Brose giving the consumer a good mix of technological options. “Each brand has its benefits, so allowing consumers to choose after riding each bike gives them the best bike for their riding,” explained Anderson.

Bulls Bikes charging into U.S. market

A Bosch headhunt displays lots of pertinent e-bike information including current drive mode (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo), speed, and battery life.  

At Sea Otter, Mtbr got to take spins on several Bulls e-bikes and were pleasantly surprised. For pure e-bike enjoyment, the massive Monster E FS topped the list. It’s a full suspension fat bike that utilizes a Bosch 350w drive unit paired with 4” tires and 120mm of travel. Think beach cruising, winter rallying, or just all around e-bike romping.

Another unique model was the E-Stream Evo FS 3 27.5+, a 150mm travel plus sized trail bike that utilizes a 250w Brose drive unit with up to 137 miles of range and a top-out speed of 20mph per its current classification. Both bikes are equipped with 11-speed Shimano drivetrains and RockShox suspension.

Bulls Bikes charging into U.S. market

Sporting 150mm of travel, the E-Stream Evo FS 27.5+ is a plus sized trail bike boosted with a Brose 250w e-bike drive unit and 50-cell battery. This pedal assisted trail machine offers all the enjoyment of a trail bike combined with the assistance of an e-bike. 

Though we didn’t get to spend a lot of time aboard either of these bikes, it was surprising the see Bulls capitalizing on new e-bike technology and mating it with versatile, trail ready suspension designs and trusted componentry. You may have not have heard of Bulls Bikes before, but you’ll likely be seeing quite a bit more from them here on U.S. soil in the coming months.

Bulls Bikes charging into U.S. market

A metal skid plate comes stock on Bosch equipped models and is designed to minimize drive unit damage during heavy trail use.

For more information head over to www.bullsbikesusa.com.

List of dealers is available here: https://www.bullsebikes.com/edealers/

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  • Danny says:

    Bosch computer on handlebars. Will diesel option be available? Than we could really smoke competition on the trial. E-bike MTB, just what doctor prescribed. I’m fine with city e-bikes but no trail going ones.

  • Scotch Henessey says:

    I’ve been an avid racer and rider since 1988. I love riding my Haibike All Mountain 5.0 with my 14 year old son in our local So Cal trails. We respect the landscape and anyone we share the trails with. On a fun scale…my Haibike smokes my Pivot 429. Hate all you want people…the E-bikes are here to stay.

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