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“Cadabra” It Is

– After A Month Of International Creative Brooding And Cerebral Scheming Our “Name Our New Bike Contest” Has A Winner –

KONAWORLD (May 6, 2009) – Over the last month, our team of academics and engineers here at Kona Bikes sifted through more than 2,000 names and votes from, you, the public and Kona lovers about what we should name our new bike. And, after many sleepless nights, shots of espresso and days of discussion, we finally have a winner.

Congratulations to Heather Gilbert of Salt Lake City, Utah who has tagged our brand new all-mountain Magic Link bike with the name Kona Cadabra.  It’s got a ring to it, doesn’t it? Heather’s submission of Cadabra took the top-prize by out-voting four other names; including runner-up “Tanuki” – a Japanese raccoon with monster nuts – submitted by Denis Burba, originally from Russia, currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I am so excited. What an amazing thing to have named a bike – everytime I see a Kona Cadabra on the trail, I am going to smile,” says Heather. “And the even more amazing thing … to raise some significant anti-cancer cash. This Cadabra is going to do some serious cancer stomping.”

Besides being an avid mountain biker, Heather is a hematology/oncology physician at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, and plans on donating the bike to support cancer research.

“Once I made the final list, I realized that I could take this opportunity to contribute to cancer research in a meaningful way,” she says. “I have a friend who blogs under the name Fat Cyclist. His wife is currently battling metastatic breast cancer. I decided that if I won, I would donate the bike to him, and he would raffle it off under his website to raise money for cancer research.”

Big props to Heather. And, for her novel naming she will take home a brand new Kona – yes, the one she named.

The other top five winners include:

2nd Place: Tanuki. Prize: Kona AfricaBike, Denis Burba. 3rd Place: King Kilauea. Prize: Freddy Jacket, J. David Hickman, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

4th Place: Magus. Prize: Wah Wah Pedals, Cheryl Applebaum.

5th Place: Cogent. Prize: Men’s Jersey, Lew Maida, West Vancouver, B.C.

Thanks to the many thousands of you who participated. Stay tuned to www.konaworld.com for more updates on all the new innovations (and funky contests) happening daily here at the Kona Bicycle Company.

For more information about the contest, CLICK HERE.

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