Cane Creek announces HELM suspension fork

The first suspension fork from the rear suspension gurus

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AXLE:“D-Loc“ 15mm thru axle system. is unique to Helm

AXLE:“D-Loc“ 15mm thru axle system. is unique to Helm

The folks at Cane Creek Cycling Components know suspension and they’ve proven their ability to innovate with the Double Barrel and the DBInline rear shocks. But there’s always a calling to offer a front fork to match up performance on a bike and to get into competitive bike OE specs on popular models.

The wait is over as Cane Creek HELM is introduced with 7 independent adjustments, robust construction, and a ride quality that is definably Cane Creek. With aggressive trail, all-mountain, and enduro riding clearly laid out within the design attributes. Cane Creek’s engineers give riders the freedom to tune and setup their HELM for any obstacle on the trail ahead.

Damper components are machined

Damper components are machined

Tunability has always been a strong point of Cane Creek and this one is no exception. Sometimes, the options overwhelm the consumer but enthusiasts appreciate these options. And we’ve come to a point where the All Mountain audience is now educated with the concepts of compression and rebound damping. Thus for a new manufacturer to be competitive in this space, they have to offer these advanced options reliably.

The Helm fork is available in Factory Black, and for a limited time a Launch Edition Blue (limited to only 300 pcs).

Internal Travel Adjustment Video

HELM Features
  • Weight: 2070 grams
  • Stanchion diameter: 35mm
  • Wheel size: 27.5 in wheels
  • Wheel spacing: 15mmx 110mm BOOST spacing
  • Max tire size: Max 65mm wide by 714mm tall
  • Steerer: 1 1/8 in to 1 1/2 in tapered
  • Air spring: Independent positive and negative chambers
  • Air volume adjustment: Accessory free. Internal 8-position indexed system
  • Damper: High Speed Compression 10 Clicks, Low Speed Compression 20 Clicks, Low Speed Rebound 15 clicks
  • Axle:“D-Loc“ 15mm thru axle system. Unique to Helm
  • Travel: Positioned at 160mm from the factory. Optimized for 140-170mm of travel Internal
  • Travel adjustments: 10mm Increments (from 170mm down to 100mm) 2 travel spacers are included with every Helm, one additional spacer is installed from the factory.
Black fork adjusters

Black fork adjusters

  • D-LOC Axle System.
  • Accessory free air volume adjustment.
  • Independent positive and negative air chambers.
  • Two travel spacers are included with every Helm.
Air Volume Adjustment Video

Setting Sag on the Helm Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have Double Barrel technology?
Helm is a completely new product from Cane Creek, and has a different approach to damping relative to our Double Barrel technology. Because a leverage ratio is applied to a rear shock within the rear suspension design of a frame, and a fork has no leverage ratio (body weight directly applies to the fork’s travel), a rear shock experiences around three times the amount of damping forces that a front fork experiences. Therefore, Double Barrel technology for rear shocks doesn’t provide the same type of benefit for front forks.

What is the damper design?
Helm’s damper is a closed cartridge mono-tube design that provides control of high speed compression, low speed compression, and rebound.

What is the travel?
Helm forks are set from the Cane Creek Factory at 160mm of travel, but are optimized for travel settings between 170mm and 140mm of travel. Internal 10mm travel adjustment spacers (2) are included with every Helm fork. Travel can be increased to 170mm and decreased down to as low as 100mm, with the installation of seven 10mm travel spacers.

Is the travel easily adjustable?
Travel adjustment must be performed internally. Instructions for this procedure can be found within the Helm instruction manual included with every fork as well as service videos on It is recommended that an experienced mechanic perform the procedure. Travel adjustment can be performed at home with the use of 13mm, 18mm, and 22mm wrenches.

What much does it weigh?
Helm 170mm forks weigh 2070 grams (4.56 pounds).

What colors are available?
Helm is available in a matte black finish with white/grey decals and key gold anodized parts. For a limited time, a matte blue version is available for Helm with orange/teal/red decals and key black anodized parts.

Will the blue Launch Edition be limited in quantity?
There will be only 300 Blue Launch Edition Helm forks available for purchase.

Is it Boost spacing?
Helm forks are only available in 15mmx110mm BOOST spacing with traditional end caps.

Can I use it with a non-Boost front wheel?
Yes, a non-Boost front wheel can be used with the proper spacer adaptor kit.
Are spacers kits for non-Boost front wheels available through Cane Creek?
No, adaptor kits are specific to wheel models. Please see your wheel manufacturers’ specifications. Options can be found at

Internals are machined to precision

Internals are machined to precision

How is the air spring curve adjusted? Does it use tokens?
Helm’s air spring curve is adjusted internally by an indexed rod and static piston assembly, no additional parts need to be purchased/installed to perform this change. Air volume can be adjusted by removing the air valve assembly out of the left leg of the fork using a 30mm wrench and moving the static piston up or down the indexed rod to achieve the proper spring curve.

Is the thru-axle design unique to the Helm?
Yes, the D-LOC thru-axle system is unique to Helm.

Can I use a non-QR thru-axle?
No, Helm’s D-Loc axle must be used on Helm forks, using any other axle system will void its warranty.

D-Loc Axle Assembly Video

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