Mtbr hydration pack guide, featuring CamelBak Low Rider

As any student of fat tire history knows, mountain bikers owe CamelBak a great debt of gratitude. Indeed, it was the Petaluma, California-based company that ushered in the age of hands free hydration, launching its first water carrying pack in 1989. In the ensuing years, CamelBak continued to define — and redefine — how we carry water and gear on the trail. Now they’re at it again with the new Low Rider line. During the next six weeks, Mtbr is taking an in-depth look at this ground-breaking style of pack. We’ll also examine the history of hydration packs, reveal what top pros carry on the trail, and take you on an exclusive tour of CamelBak’s California headquarters.


What’s in your CamelBak: Western Spirit Cycling guides

The guides of Western Spirit Cycling are the ultimate hydration pack testers. During the course of a year, these two dozen Sherpas on two wheels lead some 1200 clients on over 100 mountain bike trips. Find out what they carry.

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CamelBak and the history of hands-free hydration

CamelBak’s place in the history of hydration is secure. From the very idea of hands-free hydration to cutting edge present day packs, the California-based company has been at the forefront of keeping cyclists (and outdoor enthusiasts of all types) performing at their best. But how did it happen — and where do we go next?

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CamelBak Skyline 10 LR hydration pack review

Carrying water, tools, and supplies is a must on long rides. But not all riders are thrilled with the idea of having a bag on their back that shifts around and affects ventilation. CamelBak aimed to address these issues with its new Skyline 10 LR hydration pack.

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CamelBak Palos 4 LR waist pack review

Say what you will about fashion implications, but when it comes to ripping around on mountain bikes, the CamelBak Palos 4 LR waist pack makes a lot of sense.

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What’s in your CamelBak: Mark Weir, Ben Cruz, Kirt Voreis

Listen up as this trio of gravity racing stars talk gear selection, packing strategies, and what they bring along on rides when they know things could get weird.

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What’s in your CamelBak: Leadville legend Rebecca Rusch

Rebecca Rusch’s nickname says everything you need to know about her. The Ketchum, Idaho resident is the Queen of Pain. Find out what gear this long distance specialist never leaves home without.

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Trail riding with Mark Weir and Ben Cruz

Many a lasting friendship has been built around the mutual love of riding mountain bikes. Mark Weir and Ben Cruz are the perfect example, as you can see in this shred session in California’s Sierra foothills.

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CamelBak: A look inside the inventor of the hydration pack

It was 1989 when the world’s first hydration pack was born. Yet, what is truly impressive is that all these years later, CamelBak remains a leader in a category that’s helped shape and change the way we ride bikes. Take a look inside this iconic company.

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Interview: Yuri Hauswald talks racing, hydration and more

Yuri Hauswald knows how to go long. Whether it’s 24-hour racing, epic gravel grinders, or cross-country stage racing, the California resident has a penchant for logging major miles — and doing it at the front of the pack.

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Choosing the right CamelBak hydration pack for you

The right pack needs to fit you — and your on-bike needs. Here’s a look at why hydration packs are a critical piece of gear and how to select the right one.

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Why go low? Understanding the CamelBak Low Rider

By positioning water and cargo weight on your hips, this unique hydration pack lowers a rider’s center of gravity, giving them better balance and more stability on the bike.This also reduces the upper portion of the pack, improving back ventilation and freedom of movement so you can rail tight turns and berms like never before.

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CamelBak Low Rider gets in the flow

Forrest Riesco and Trevor Porter don’t just go for rides. They attack the trails with skilled precision and speed. In this film by Maxwell Frank, the pair of pro riders demonstrate those abilities in the lush rugged terrain of British Columbia.

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