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From the Forums: Carbon or aluminum for your next mountain bike?

Riders in our forums are debating the merits of carbon versus aluminum frames for their next mountain bike. Do you have a preference?

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From the Forums: What’s the best mountain bike gear you’ve used?

Riders share their favorite mountain bike components

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From the Forums: What does your bike ride?

Cool cars that help riders get to and from the trailhead

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From the Forums: Will 26-inch wheels ever make a comeback?

Is there room for 26-inch mountain bikes in the modern world?

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From the Forums: Awesome All-Mountain Hardtails

Provided you don’t mind the lack of rear suspension, there’s a lot to like about modern trail-oriented hardtails.

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From the Forums: What’s The Best Tire Pressure For Fat Biking?

What’s the best tire pressure for fat biking? Here’s our guide to help you find your perfect tire pressure

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From the Forums: Clipless or flat pedals for mountain biking?

Are clipless pedals or flats better for mountain biking?

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From the forums: Seat tube angles are too steep, chainstays are too short

Some riders in our forums are fed up with the current trend toward slacker head tube angles and steeper seat tube angles. It’s certainly a hot topic. Share your thoughts with us

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From the forums: Interesting animal encounters

Mountain biking can take us to some pretty remote locations and we’re not always at the top of the food chain. Riders in our Riding Passion forum are sharing photos and colorful stories about their best animal encounters.

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From the forums: Anyone else not like wide bars?

When it comes to handlebars, how wide is too wide for you?

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From the forums: What tools to carry?

What do you carry with you to prevent a flat tire or other mechanical failures from ruining your ride?

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From the forums: What are you drinking?

There’s a lively discussion in our Beer Forum about what mountain bikers are drinking right now. Share your favorite post-ride drink of choice.

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