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Following on from the success of the VF2, CHUMBA is now offering the excellent Cane Creek Double Barrel (CCDB) rear shock as an upgrade over the existing Fox RP23 shock through select dealers and distributors. The VF2 frame, with it’s carbon back end, retails for $1,850. However, for a limited time only, you can upgrade the shock to a CCDB, including a spring matched to your weight, for an extra $200. The cost of the upgrade is the same for the $1,400 XCL frame.

More pictures and CHUMBA’s UK distributor Progressive Bikes explains the reason they feel that the CCDB shock works well with active 4-bar suspensions:

“Given the linear nature of the VF2’s and XCL’s leverage ratio curves relative to other bikes in their class (although technically it is regressive and slightly progressive towards bottom out), the linkage will reflect shock’s tuning very closely. This means, if you tune up the low speed compression to eliminate pedal bob, you will immediately feel this throughout the VF2 linkage’s travel without varying leverage rates the linkage interfering with what you want the shock to.”


So basically the CCDB is a very tunable shock, allowing you to set high and low speed compression and rebound completely independently. CHUMBA feels that this works well with their linkage design because the suspension is very linear over it’s travel, meaning that it doesn’t interfere with the shock tuning. This means that what you set in the CCDB is what you get, over the entire range of the suspension travel. For $200 it sounds like it’s worth a try, especially since the CCDB retails for around $650 normally!


You can get more information at or contact or 714-986-9100 M-F 10am-5pm.

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  • Dan says:

    Wow, I can upgrade from a shock that retails for $400 to a shock that sells for around $600 for $200 dollars. What a deal.

  • Disco says:

    This is a substantial upgrade over the mushy shim stack clones that 90% of the rest of the market runs, makes sense to see it from and independent company too as there aren’t 4 layers of bean counters to push ideas like this and dual bearing pivots through. Simply excellent, flex free bikes designed to be ridden through anything and get home in one piece yet light enough in its toes to stomp the competition.

    Very cool.

  • mark merano says:

    Alan has been quiet on the forums lately, especially about this new mini-link bike they’ve been talking up.

    However, I have to say that press items like this are reaching, just like when they advertised last year as a breakthrough press release that they are making frames in white.

    And what is the actual suspension curve? First it’s advertised as linear, now above it’s “regressive and slightly progressive towards the end”?

    This company is a joke. Just have the lawyers release the minilink bike already, and not pics with ted’s head in the way, or parts obstructing the blueprints in the main pivot area so we speculate that it’s a patent-infringing multi-link and the sabre-rattling mtbr press releases about having teams of free lawyers to defend it are taking people like Dave Weagle to task.

  • Alan K says:

    Where is the press release for making frames in white? That’s just not true. You will never find a suspension design that is completely constant through it’s travel; does that mean you should never apply the term linear to a design? It is true that an active 4-bar design achieves far less variance than other designs that rely on chain tension and varying leverage rates to try and create a pedaling platform. Best of luck, and happy trails! : )

  • mark merano says:

    Alan, how come you’re not on your forum talking about the minilink chumba that seems to have vanished?

  • ken mccrae says:

    Alan I think he is referencing your famous Interbike hotel video about that amazing XCL in white with the Shimano Yumeya parts on it and the “custom tuned” CCDB. You described it as an upgrade. I too am curious how the new Evo is coming. Where have you been and how is the Evo coming?

  • Hardy says:

    Mark why do you even care?

    I love how all the freaking Jabroni’s are up in arms over Chumba. Do you own a Chumba? Have they wronged you in some way? Do you even ride a bicycle or do you just spend all your time online looking for things to bitch and moan about?

    Get over it.

  • mark merano says:

    OMG, someone used the “you’re on the internet so you must not ride!” argument.

    Works every single time. LOLOLZ

    So Alan, where is it, and why have you disappeared? Anymore “suspension talk” tall tales to tell us about, as if you’re an engineer and designer?

  • Alan K says:


    Thanks for posting the link, I think anyone can see that in the video there was a description of the frames, not a “press release”. You can check out our website and blog for first-hand information as it becomes available on the company and our products. Otherwise, you can e-mail

    Stay positive and spread good cheer. Thank you!

  • Alan K says:

    Stay positive and spread good cheer! Lots of exciting developments that will be released in the coming months. Happy trails.

  • mark merano says:

    But you’ve been saying that now for a couple years and you’re getting called on your bs on your forum and not answering to those calling you on those missed deadlines that keep coming and going.

    Plus you’ve even presold this new evo, claiming 50 were already sold, with 50 more to the public. And???

  • Alan K says:


    It’s obvious you’re looking for an argument or fight. You won’t get one. We’re committed and focused on providing smooth, predictable, and reliable active 4-bar bikes that are backed up with great support. We let our bikes do the talking. Have a great day.


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