Cleary Bikes has impressive line-up for kids

Lots of attention to detail in these thoughtful grom bikes

Kids Sea Otter Classic

2017 Sea Otter Classic

Cleary Bikes

Their lineup features models designed for ages 2-12 and they come in eye-catching colors.

With immense attention to detail, Cleary has set out to create truly child specific bikes that will fit your grom correctly and offer features that help them learn how to properly ride a bike and do it in a fun and progressive way.

From easy-to-operate singlespeed drivetrains and lightweight frames to grips sized for tiny hands and brakes that are always within reach, Cleary has clearly thought of everything a child needs to operate a bike as safely as possible. Every bike they offer even includes hand brakes.

Cleary Bikes

Love the graphics.

Their lineup features models designed for ages 2-12 and they come in eye-catching colors and fun names like Starfish, Gecko, Hedgehog, Owl, and Meerkat. What kid wouldn’t love to ride a hedgehog?

Complete bikes run from $199 for the Starfish push bike to $660 for the 24” Meerkat with suspension fork and 1×9 gearing.

Cleary Bikes

The classic BMX style “flip/flop” hub features freewheel action on both sides.

New for 2017 is the addition of a reversible rear (flip-flop) hub on their singlespeed bikes that allows the use of different size cogs on either end of the quick-release hub. This means parents can quickly change rear gearing for varying conditions without the need for tools. Both sides are freewheel. Simply use the quick-release to remove the rear wheel, flip it over, slide the chain on the new cog and tighten the wheel. All kid bikes should be this simple to operate and work on.

All of the bikes in their lineup except for the 24” Meerkat are singlespeeds, because they are cleaner, easier to maintain and operate, and you don’t have to deal with derailleur adjustments. Older riders can progress to the Meerkat, which is spec’d with a 1×9 drivetrain and Microshift thumb shifter.

Cleary Bikes

Hand brakes are designed for kids’ small hands.

Also new for 2017 is the addition of a 3-speed internally geared hub for the singlespeed, the Owl Bike. The hub features a gear range of 177%. The 22-tooth sprocket and shell are made of 6061 aluminum with an anodized alloy finish. It’s a great option for those not ready for a derailleur, but who need the extra gear range. It will be available starting this fall.

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This article is part of Mtbr’s coverage of the 2017 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. For more from Sea Otter CLICK HERE.

About the author: Justin Wages

As a stage 4 colon cancer survivor, Justin Wages got into the cycling world in an effort to increase his endurance after losing his left lung. As a California native and growing up with a skateboard and snowboard beneath his feet it wasn’t long before the thrill of mountain biking gripped him. Justin’s day job as a Land & Recreation Manager helps him understand the balance between conservation and trail use. He also works with his fiancé, Jeni, to bring more women into the mountain bike world with certified skills clinics and education. “My goal is to get more people on trails for health and enjoyment,” he says. “I want to help them overcome their mental or physical limitations and be the best person they can be, while expanding their appreciation for our natural world.”

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  • bond007jms says:

    Did a lot of research. Kept coming back to this bike. For me it was the best spec, weight, geo for the money. As stated in the article for 2017, the bike moves to a trigger sifter and an air fork (I lucked out and bought a 2017 mule). My oldest could not be happier!

    Research (hope it helps someone…all the weights were either off the showroom floor or the mfg websites):
    Brand | Model | Brakes | Fork | Spd | Weight | Cost | Cost per lbs
    [*]Trek | Superfly | v | Coil | 21 | 25.25 | $490.00 | $19.41
    [*]Ghost | Powerkid | H-disc | Coil | 24 | 27 | $600.00 | $22.22
    [*]Dawes | Academy | H-disc | Air 9 24 $760.00 | $31.67
    [*]Tailcraft | Pineridge Comp | H-disc | Air | 10 | 23 | $1,300 | $56.52
    [*]Islabikes | Creig | H-disc | Air | 10 | 24 |$1,200.00 | $50.00
    [*]Norco | Charger | H-disc | Air | 8 | 27 | $710.00 | $26.30
    [*]Giant | XTC Jr | M-disc | Coil | 21 | 29 | $390.00 | $13.45
    [*]Giant | XTC Jr SL | H-disc | Air | 24 | 28 | $600.00 | $21.43
    [*]Specialized | Hotrock | v | Coil | 7 | 29 | $380.00 | $13.10
    [*]Specialized | Riprock | M-disc | Coil | 8 | 30 | $500.00 | $16.67
    [*]Clearly | Meerkat | H-disc | none | 9 | 24 | $545.00 | $22.71
    [*]Fuji | Dyamantie | M-disc | Coil | 24 | 28 | $450.00 | $16.07

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