@cme FlatFree “Disaster-Proof” Wheelsets Offers Free Shipping in November

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Hurricane Sandy Highlights Need for No-Flat Tire Systems

Fullerton, CA (CFEpr+) Nov. 2, 2012 – @cme FlatFree Wheel Systems is making their pre-mounted wheel and tire sets available with no shipping costs for the month of November, in reaction to the cycling needs of Hurricane Sandy victims and people who want and need a bike that they can ride in any circumstances. The company was founded in July 2012 via initial funding through a KickStarter Campaign.

Disaster Proof
“Hurricane Sandy forced thousands of people to pull their bikes out of their hiding places so that they could get around,” says Steve Boehmke, President of @cme Bike Parts. “Unfortunately, many of these bikes had flat tires from sitting around for months, and most people don’t have adequate pumps and supplies to get their bike up and running in no time.”

“The Serenity tires on the @cme Wheel Systems never flat and are always ready to ride,” Boehmke says. “However, they only fit on a very specific rim size, and are more difficult to mount than standard tires, so we are offering them as ready-to-ride wheelsets.

@cme’s initial offerings include pre-built wheels with tires mounted in 26 x 1.5” and 700c x 35, with 8/9 speed freewheels and flip-flop single speed hubs, and Shimano coaster brake models. Higher-end hub configurations are also available.

“I ride my @cme FlatFree equipped bike to get coffee every morning, but it will sure come in handy when the “Big One” hits Southern California!” continues Boehmke.

For Enthusiasts Too
Even though the wheels are attractive to casual cyclists, Boehmke feels that enthusiasts will want a pair of these wheels too. “Everybody I know in the bike industry has a stable of bikes,” continues Boehmke, “This is the perfect wheelset to have on your town bike, fixie or grocery getter. Get up, hop on, and get it done. Voila!”

The tires themselves are rated to last over 3000 miles, and they weigh approximately 1400 grams a pair. “These are not racing wheels, for sure,” Boehmke says, “But for when your ride demands reliability, the @cme wheel system can’t be beat.”

The tires also feature a reflective sidewall that illuminates the bike for night riding. The wheelsets as currently spec’d retail for @299.

Source: CFEprPlus

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  • John says:

    You can’t argue these tires would be good for a disaster, but I’ve tried airless tires and they’re absolutely horrible at absorbing shock. They’re extremely heavy, as noted. You can get airless tube inserts at Wally World for 26″. I’ve tried that too, with the same result; heavy with no shock absorbtion. While I can’t fault the company for trying, and hopefully they’re better than what I’ve experienced. Airless tires have been noted on Sheldon Brown’s site as well confirming all that I have written.

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