Contest: The CamelBak Triple Pack Giveaway

Enter to win a CamelBak Skyline 10 LR, Palos LR and KUDU 18 hydration pack and more!


Contest ended. Congrats to Emanuel B. of Granbury, TX!


  • Lloyd W says:

    I love camelbaks

  • Jerry says:

    Started out with a cheap knock off version. Then after it broke the straps and other parts I got a Camelbak and have not looked back. I have used and abused it. Slammed down so hard in a wreck i busted the water bag. Bought a new one and replaced it.
    If the military uses them then that has me sold too. Buy quality like any parts of your hobby and have way less troubles and a good fitting performing pack

  • Bobby says:

    Love CamelBak. Always have. Always will. Life saver.

  • Jason says:

    I have an 8-10 year old Mule that just will not die. I’ve gone through a few bladders, but just about everything on the pack is just fine. I’d love to replace it with a new one but I can’t justify the price since its still good! The new models have a number of great features I’d like to try for sure.

  • jonthoas says:

    On my back since 1992, How many hours I saved not searching for ejected water bottles I will never know.

  • Nate Wengert says:

    If i win we’ll see if it fits better than my new USWE patriot, which would be quite a challenge..

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