Crank Brothers 2014 Cobalt 11 27.5 and 29er Carbon Wheels

27.5 29er Interbike Wheels

For 2014, Crank Brothers has completely redesigned their rim profile across their entire wheel collection, especially their carbon rims which are now taller and wider. The internal rim width is now 21mm (from 19mm on the previous version). This increase in height and width has allowed Crank Brothers to increase the strength to weight ratio by 50% so the wheels are much stronger and stiffer than before.

Shown here are the new versions of the Cobalt 11 29 wheels and the all new Cobalt 11 27.5 wheels. Moving foward, there will not be a 26″ carbon wheelset from Crank Brothers. The Cobalt 11 wheels will come fully compatible out of the box for varying axle sizes. They will come set up with 142mm spacing in the rear and 15mm for the front but they will also include 135mm end cap for the rear and 9mm adapter for front. Skewers are not included any more since they don’t want to make people pay for something they aren’t going to use.

Crank Brothers utilizes real world testing with their carbon wheels and they have racers from the Bianchi UCI World Cup team for wheel development and they get great feedback. One of the Team Bianchi racers just won the U23 World Championship on Crank Brothers wheels. For their DH and AM wheels, Crank Brothers incorporates the talents of none other than Norco International Team Riders Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinison as well as Richie Schley and Hans Rey.

Availability for the new Cobalt 11 29 and 27.5 carbon wheels will be early 2014. Weight for the wheelset is:

Cobalt 11 29 – 1545 grams
Cobalt 11 27.5 – 1425 grams

MSRP for the Cobalt 11 is $2200 (for either 29 or 27.5).

For their aluminum wheels, the price has actually gone down for 2014 with Level 3 wheels coming in at $900 and Level 2 wheels going for $600. Availability for the new 2014 aluminum wheels is November 2013.

Our Take:
Crank Brothers wheels have always been very high tech and slick looking. We are happy to seem them continue to make improvement and carbon wheels are hot right now. We look forward to getting a closer look at these wheels in November.

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About the author: Gregg Kato

Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato enjoys riding local Santa Cruz trails. Besides being an avid mountain biker, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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  • Carlos A Tejada R says:

    Hi, Mr Kato, I would Like to know where I can buy yhe GT Sensor with Crank Bts components, I Live in Colombia , Thks

    • Gregg Kato says:

      Hello Carlos,
      That bike is from the Hans Rey Wheels4Life Dreambike collection. These are a series of bikes auctioned off for Hans’s charity. I will ask to see if that one is going to be auctioned off anytime soon and let you know here.

      • Cisco says:

        Gregg that’s not quite correct I purchased the Hans Rey bike through a dealer and there are some dealers that sell them but not in the us or uk as far as I read – I was lucky enough to find one in Thailand and I can tell you it’s a stunning bike totally love it …. It’s my first mountain bike …. I was lucky 😉

  • Darren says:


    Any updates on the release of these wheels? I have been watching crankbrothers… nothing on their site about 27.5???

  • N8 says:

    first ride yesterday on the new Cobalt 3 rims. One word – awesome! Really transformed my Turner Czar into a new bike! Super Stiff and responsive. also bought a set of Iodine3 wheels for my Stumpjumper29. Gonna mount those up next but am expecting big things there too!

  • pad says:

    Have tried a cobalt 11 carbon wheelset. The problem is when you’re going to put some air pressure to about 40-50 psi. The edge of the rim wall will deflect and you will notice some wave portion when rotating the wheel. Trueing is not possible as the deflection is only at one side of the wall. Distributor recommendation is around 35 psi. Cobalt 3 is quite OK when you want to have a 40-50 psi.

    • Sicmtbskills says:

      Why on earth would you be running 40 to 50 psi in any wheels especially carbon mtb wheels…no rim like that kind of pressure….you need to reassess your wheels, bikes and riding habits before commenting on wheels that are meant for a real mountain biker, not one who rides down paved streets.

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