crankbrothers dreambikes – $25,937 Raised, Rotwild for Auction


Laguna Beach, CA, January 30, 2012 – Weʼve officially reached the halfway point as we movetowards our goal of raising $50,000 for Wheels 4 Life! After the auction of the Mojo SL for $3,660(estimated retail of $6,700), weʼve raised $25,937, or enough to purchase 259 bikes for Wheels 4Life. This will result in a massive positive impact on the lives of many, many people. The luckywinner of the Mojo SL is from the Bay Area of California, and with the incredible trails in that area,the Ibis dreambike will be right at home.

the next dreambikes auction : Rotwild R2 World Cup
The next dreambike will definitely makeyou standout on the trails. Rotwild is a very high-end German brand that makes exquisite carbonmountain bike frames, and the R2 World Cup is definitely fast. The frame was designed for theWorld Cup and Marathon racecourses, with superb efficiency on the climbs, and stability on tightturns and fast technical sections. Built with crankbrothers cobalt 11 cockpit components andcobalt 3 wheels, this is a beautiful bike that youʼll be proud to ride in any race.View more details at

project of the week
For the auction of the Rotwild R2 World Cup, we are setting the goal ofraising at least $3,600 to positively impact the lives of orphans and children with special needs.This money would go towards purchasing bikes for an organization called The Rural ChristianYouth Development Programme, based in Anyuongi Village in Kenya. This project is run by amissionary named Charles Ragot.

In January 2010, this organization received 25 bikes from Wheels 4 Life, and this has alreadymade a difference. As explained by Charles in his progress report:

We are so grateful and for the first time life among the youths is changing. The communityis excited. More people in the community are showing interest and appreciation for theimportant work Wheels 4 Life is doing for rural communities and for the gift of bicycles.

Charles also explained that youth membership in the community is increasing, including childrenwith disabilities and special needs. In the second phase of this project, Charles has requested anadditional 30 bicycles for children and orphans. Ten bikes would be adapted so that they areequipped for the special needs that some of the children have, and these will be more expensive.

It is amazing to see how the children are able to improve their lives with these bicycles. Not onlydo they use them to get to school, but they also use the bicycles to deliver water and crops. Thisprovides the children with a source of a small income, which helps out their entire family. Thebikes are shared between families, other children, or neighbors. One bike doesn’t just help oneperson, but instead it helps multiple people and impacts their lives in several positive ways.

Thank you for helping to spread the word about the auction for this beautiful Rotwilddreambike. The more we share the story, the more we can do for Wheels 4 Life, and themore lives we can change. Letʼs continue to work together to make a difference.

Source: Amanda Schaper


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