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I’ll admit – right off the bat – that I am a complete and utter fan boy for Dainese gloves.  I’ve loved them since I had my first pair years ago and I continue to love the new additions to their line up.  The Highway glove  I’ve been using for the past many months continues this love affair and is doesn’t let down.

The Highway glove is a light DH style glove.  It lacks the carbon knuckle protection of Dainese other gloves, like the Techno-lite, Techno-Air, or the Carbon Core.  But it is also cost significantly less.  At $59.95 one is paying for absolute comfort, superb handle bar contact, and devilishly good looks.

The gloves have a “high-frequency, micro-injection reinforcements”, that black plastic line going down each finger, and a “soft carbon fabric on the knuckle of the little finger” which I must admit is probably better looking than it is in protecting.  Lets face it, if you have smashed your little knuckle into a tree while screaming down trails like Dead Campers, and you go over the bars into a rock garden, a little flexible piece of carbon fiber on the knuckle isn’t going to help much.  The back of the hand is made of  Nylon and Spandex® and the palm is reinforced in Clarino®. The wrist is strap is made of Airprene with Velcro adjustable cuff.

The main difference I found between these new Highway gloves and the older Techno-lite and Techno-Air gloves I’ve been throughly abusing for years is their fit and bar contact.  These new Highway gloves fit very snug.  There is no looseness, gaps, or anything of that matter.  These bike gloves fit more like plastic surgeon gloves than any I’ve ever tried on before.  And as I road, of course they would loosen up and become more flexibe and made them  seemed to mold to my hand even better.

Contact with my handlebar/grips is superb.  With such a snug fit I felt very connected to the bike.  Going buck horse wild over rock gardens I was able to hold one my ODI/TLD grips with no issue.  No slippage, no readjusting, just grab and pray I make it through.  Granted I’ve been climbing a lot lately too, so certain abusives of DH riding are becoming less and less.  But having the right equipment makes a world of difference.

Inside the glove one can’t feel a seem or an annoyance anywhere.  While they aren’t plush or velvety soft, they are still very pleasant to slip a hand into.

Now I know that not everyone’s hands are shaped the same.  So there maybe those of you who have tried on Dainese gloves in the past and they just don’t fit well.  Just like a couple companies for me consistently don’t fit my hand well.   And that is fine, that is good actually.  But for those of you who have owned or tried one a pair of Dainese before, these Highway glove fit even better, IMHO.  Go get a pair today, they are seriously awesome.


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  • ustemuf says:

    i’m a dainese fanboy too but these gloves suck if you crash. barely lasted a month before it had tears in poorly placed seams on the palm.

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