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The charming Cedric Gracia is here to show us a couple products with the unmistakable Cedric flair. The first is and 800 lumen light for $160. This is patterned after the Mega Drive which we reviewed HERE.

The second product is a rear shock pump in digital and floor pump configuration. Crazy you say? Certainly unusual but we bet shop owners and team mechanics will love it.

Descriptions from the Manufacturer:
Deca Drive LED
The Deca Drive LED is a new performance LED Light System equally suited for road or mountain bike use. The light utilizes 3 High-efficiency LEDs to produce a max output of 800 lumens. A new MOR Lens focuses the 3 LEDs to produce a smooth and wide Uniform Power Beam ideal for both near and far visibility. The body and end cap are made of CNC-Machined aluminum. The body features an integrated visor to shield the rider’s eyes during out of the saddle pedaling, and fins to dissipate heat keeping the LEDs cool and increasing efficiency. The 2-piece body design combined with the durable latch closure provided the rider with Infinite Light – the ability to replace the proprietary 2-cell lithium ion rechargeable battery back on the road or trail on-demand. The LIR battery can be recharged via an included Micro USB cable. The light is cable of High-Efficiency (HE) Charging – the ability to charge the battery at 2Amps. This reduces charging time by up to 50%. The Deca Drive LIR battery can achieve 100% charge in 8-10hrs via a standard USB port, or 4-5hrs when used with a HE (2Amp) Charger. Quality molded rubber button and seals combined with our durable draw latch closure system make this LED Light extremely water resistant (up to 1m). The translucent power button has been upgraded with a new RGB Intelligent Power Indicator, allowing for more accurate battery status readings. The Deca Drive body is treated with a durable BED coating and will be available in two colors: Black and White. The light is mounted to the handlebar using our tool-lees 31.8mm or 25.4mm hard mounts. The mount allows for 15 degrees of lateral movement allowing the rider to point the light exactly where it is needed.

Available in stores: Mid July

Deca Drive – Standard Package
Price: $159.99
Deca Drive LED
2-Cell LIR battery pack (proprietary)
Composite Matrix handlebar hard mounts (31.8mm & 25.4mm).
Rubber Handlebar shims (2 includes)
Micro USB charging cable
Deca Drive – Loaded Package
Price: $209.99
Deca Drive LED
Two 2-Cell LIR battery packs (proprietary)
Aluminum handlebar hard mounts (31.8mm & 25.4mm).
Rubber Handlebar shims (2 includes)
Micro USB charging cable
Composite Matrix hard case with precision cut foam for easy storage.

Shock Digital Drive
The Shock Digital Drive is a new uber high-pressure floor pump designed for adjusting the air pressure in suspension shocks and forks. The purpose of designing this dedicated shock specific floor pump is to make shock tuning faster and easier for riders, shops, and demo bike crews. The pump features a narrowed barrel and piston that is 1/3 the diameter of a standard floor pump. This allows the user to achieve the 300psi/20.7bar maximum pressure with ease. The pump features the new heat-treated steel Shock Thread-Chuck designed specifically for inflating shocks which is connected to the pump with a high-pressure nylon reinforce braided hose. The rest of the pump is made of a CNC-machined aluminum barrel and base, steel piston, and wood handle.

The pressure is displayed on the new Digital Gauge, which features an easy to read 1.6in LCD display. The digital gauge is extremely accurate (+/- 3%) and auto adjusts for variations in temperature and altitude. The gauge runs off of 1 CR2032 battery positioned below the LCD display and can be replaced quickly and easily by the user. It also features an auto shut-off which turns off the display after 5 minutes. One battery should provide over a year of use. Lezyne chose to go with a digital gauge on this shock specific pump for increased accuracy, ease of use, and durability.

To ensure users attain accurate pressure settings without any air lose during inflation, we developed a new Shock Thread-Chuck that features our new Adjustable Valve Control (AVC) design. The AVC design is a two-piece Chuck construction that threads into itself to engage and disengage the shock schrader valve pin without the risk of air loss upon removal of the pump. Therefore, riders will no longer have to over inflate their shocks and forks. The Shock Thread-Chuck also features a two-stage Air Bleed button that allows for macro and micro tuning of air pressure. The Shock Thread-Chuck combined with the Digital Gauge and quality Lezyne pump construction results in a dedicated shock floor pump that provides faster and more accurate suspension tuning.

Available in stores: Mid August
Price: $109.99

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