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Dinotte: 400L

Light Price Claimed Lumens Runtime Battery Type Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight Lumens per gram Lumens per dollar
$269 400 3:40 Lithium Ion 94g 230g 323g 1.24 1.49

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.


The Dinotte 400L consists of a 2 led lights encased side by side in a small aluminum housing. It feels extremely rugged and compact and is surrounded by lots of cooling fins. The light switch is mounted in front of the light in between the two bulbs. Power, like all Dinotte Lithium lights comes from the 2-cell and the 4-cell batteries shared with the rest of the line-up. The connector is a non-directional plug that snaps into place and keeps water out. The rubber switch is large and very easy to operate as it scrolls through the three light levels available.

Perhaps the greatest asset of the 400L is its versatility. It’s main application is as a helmet lamp but it can also be used as handlebar lamp. Heck two of these on the handlebar feeding off the same battery can be quite a bright and wide setup. And finally, it’s greatest application is… as a tail lamp. With different lenses, this light can be a mean tail lamp. With so much flashing lumens to announce your presence, no car is going to miss you. Most tail lamps are barely visible in the daytime or in bad weather. But the 400L will pierce through daylight or thick fog.

All Dinotte lights have three ‘flash’ modes for commuting. They are very effective and visible for greater visibility for oncoming traffic. These flash modes are extremely visible on the red tail lights as well. And the best part is that the ‘flash’ modes do not interfere with regular use. The user has to press the button for six seconds to enter this mode. After using other lights where the flash mode is always in the way, this feature is very welcome.

We consider the Dinotte connectors as best in class as well. They are non-directional and pop into place and are thus the easiest to connect. Last year, the connectors on our Dinotte lights were a bit stiff and and required some break-in. This year on the 400L’s, they are just right.

Light Head close ups:


If there was a knock against the predecessor light, the 200L, it’s the mounting system. The 200L light cyclinders are mounted by resting them on a circular pipe (like a handlebar) and looping a rubber band around it. It was simple but offered no left to right aiming adjustability. The 400L is a world apart. The mounts are mounted on the the light unit and the light uses a specific mounting system depending on the application. In other word, mounting is very secure and adjustable.

Light Meter Measurements:

On our ambient light meter measurements, the Dinotte 400L came in at 25 Lux. For comparison, 200L  measured in at 16 Lux and the 600L measured 33 Lux.  We were slightly disappointed that the 400L did not equal the light output of two 200Ls but for the size of the light and compared to the competition, the 25 Lux is very competitive.


  • Very versatile in applications as helmet, bar and tail light with sturdy mounting options
  • Light and bright
  • Very rugged and compact design.
  • Top notch design and construction
  • best switches and connectors
  • Flash mode is available but not in the way of normal operation


  • There is no quick way to mount or un-mount the lights since they are bolted on

Bottom Line:

This is Dinotte’s Version 2 of the famed 200Ls. It’s not the brightest light available but it’s one of the most versatile.

We tried to find weaknesses but we were thwarted. We thought the light switch right by the lenses could burn the finger of the user if they missed the button. But that part of the light never got hot. We thought the $269 price was a tad pricey. But then it comes with two batteries and that is just a great save.

Bottom line, it’s a good handlebar light, a great helmet light and a tail light with no equal.

Beam Pattern Photos:

Dinotte 400L

Beam Pattern rollover and side by side comparison page available here.

Value Rating:

4.75 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars

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  • simian23 says:

    Nice review! After my maiden ride with this light yesterday, I concur it is an excellent light, though initial setup is a bit annoying without a quick release mechanism. They didn’t make this easier by using english bolt heads – who carries english allen wrenches with them on the trail? Weirdly, Dinotte tells me the THREADS of the bolt are metric?! But once properly set up – the light is awesome.

    Two things you didn’t mention in the review: 1. The ease of checking battery level. There are red and green LEDs inside the light housing that with one click of the switch will illuminate in different patterns to inform you of battery level. Very useful. 2. The quality of the mounts. They are the best I’ve seen in this industry, and both head and handlebar mounts are included in the basic kit.

    Question: what lenses were used in the beam pattern shot?

  • 39n, 121w says:

    I have been riding the 400L for a few weeks. It is a replacement for a Cateye Triple Shot. I am using it as my only light source and have it mounted on the bars. The light has been great so far. Superb constuction, super light-weight, and the amount of light is an improvement over the Cateye. I purchased it with the lense kit and have left in one standard lense (narrow angle) and installed one medium angle lense for a bit more beam width. As most reviewers of this light comment, it’s only weakness is no quick release. Luckily the quick release mechanism from the Tripleshot works with the Dinotte bracket. So all is good. Also this light is on sale at the Dinotte website currently starting at $209. Can’t beat that deal!

  • kj says:

    @ 3n, 131w

    Which Triple Shot do you have? How did you use the handlebar mount as a qr for the 400l?

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