Does adding glitter to tire sealant really work?

Fact or fiction: mixing in the shiny art supply can help seal larger cuts

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Does adding glitter to tire sealant really work? One YouTuber decided to find out.

Does adding glitter to tire sealant really improve performance? (click to enlarge).

We’ve heard from a number of friends and mechanics that mixing glitter in tire sealant can help seal larger cuts, but Seth from Seth’s Bike Hacks wanted to find out for sure. His rear tire had developed a slow sidewall leak that Stan’s alone would not fix, so he bought some shiny supplies from the local art store. Check out this video to find out what happened next.

Have you tried mixing glitter into your tire sealant? Did it work for you?

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  • Greg Getz says:

    Just use Orange seal sealant. It has aluminum and rubber chunks in it already just for this. It also doesn’t coagulate into bucky balls in the tire like Stans does.

  • Dave Freeman says:


    Best product I’ve found. By far. Cheaper than the big name brands too.

    • tb says:

      Thanks Dave. Looks like good stuff, I will definitely be checking it out next time I need to buy sealant.

  • Rob says:

    How does this compare to the new Stan’s Race sealant?

  • Michael Hoopes says:

    YES! I just tried it yesterday for the first time on some 2.1″/2.25″ 2014 Nobby Nics on Bontrager Race X-Lite TLR 26s that were previously visibly seeping Stan’s straight out of the sidewalls in several places.

    I ran down straight away to our local Michael’s in the kid’s section and brought home a Creatology Glitter Pack (14 packs in different colors, all the same size glitter) for $1.49 (half-price Sundays). I used 1/2 pack green glitter (1 g) and 1/2 oz. Stan’s in each tire.

    So far, no leaks – a much better result.

  • Captain Jack says:

    I was a tank mechanic in the Marines and we often used particulates to seal leaks in radiators and the cooling system. Our favorite was a fistful of black pepper from the kitchen (mess hall), but I have also used oatmeal and smashed up cornflakes.

    Point being – Glitter should be great way to enhance sealant’s performance.

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