Does Certified Pre-Owned make sense for bikes?

The Pro’s Closet says yes and has launched a comprehensive program

Does Certified Pre-Owned make sense for bikes?

Does Certified Pre-Owned make sense for bikes? The Pro’s Closet believes the answer is, yes.

Certified Pre-Owned — it’s a familiar phrase in the automotive world, where dealers sell used cars that have been given a heightened stamp of approval. So could this same idea be applied to bikes?

On-line eBay seller of all things bikes The Pro’s Closet thinks so and has launched its own version of certified pre owned that includes a guaranteed buyback component. Check out this promo video and accompanying press release to learn more. Then tell us what you think. Does the idea make sense for bikes?

The Pro’s Closet has announced its Certified Pre-Owned program, providing customer insight, product inspection and service and a guaranteed buyback program defining a rolling store credit and a roadmap into not only your next bike, but a sustainable opportunity for a lifelong environment allowing riders access to ongoing technology advancements and changing trends without the guessing game and financial penalty of buying and selling bikes on the open market. So what does CPO mean?

Inspection & Service
: Every Certified Pre-Owned bike is put through a 141-point inspection and pro tune service by a professional mechanic. All parts that didn’t pass inspection are serviced or replaced while complete access to the service sheet gives visibility into every detail of the process, giving you confidence the bike is problem free and ready to ride.

Guaranteed Buyback
: The Guaranteed Buyback program pre-defines a trade-in or buyback value schedule of your Certified Pre-Owned bike for 18 months. The guaranteed buyback value of your bike is updated on a monthly schedule and is accessible to you by logging into your Pro’s Closet account anytime during the 18 month period.

During that time The Pro’s Closet helps you find your next bike with weekly updates tailored to you via your account. At any time during that 18 months you can initiate the trade-in process and your store credit is applied to your next purchase. Any upgrades you apply to your bike will be examined by their buying team and the trade-in price will be adjusted accordingly.

That said, if you decide you’d prefer to sell the bike back to The Pro’s Closet rather than trading for the next one, they send you payment at the bike’s cash value.

“Our CPO program is redefining bike ownership and introducing a concept never before realized in the cycling industry,” said CEO Nick Martin about The Pro’s Closet Certified Pre-Owned initiative. “Bikes today are getting more and more sophisticated with evolving technology each season. While average sale prices are looking more like a car than a bicycle. This program de-risks the buying and selling experience while providing our customer an opportunity to advance with technology on a quality, trusted, pre-owned experience. Gone are the days of meeting someone in a dark parking lot with a pocket full of cash.”

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  • Rob says:

    I would rather see a certified registration program which ensures the bike is not stolen. A bike should have a VIN and be registered. I would be happy to pay a modest registration fee to support a national bike registration database.

  • RP says:

    This isn’t anything like CPO programs for cars. Those give you a warranty- this is just giving you some trade in/sell back value that is going to go down steeply every month.

    Should be considered false advertising since they are borrowing a term that has come to imply a something completely different than what you’re getting.

  • Chris87114 says:

    Interesting concept, and I like the idea. But I’m with others that mentioned that the additional cost might not be worth the value gained. The thing is with bikes getting very expensive, there might be a place for this. On top of them being expensive is that they depreciate worse than motorcycles and cars, at least as a percentage. One reason they depreciate so much is that the next owner doesn’t want to pay anywhere near the original price because of wear and tear. If this company removes most of the wear and tear factor, then I think they could have a chance at success.

    I definitely think this could work well for riders who don’t like to work on their own bikes and want someone to look it over for them before they make the purchase, take it to their shop, and find out the hub has issues, it’s scratched more than expected, needs a full overhaul, and requires 2 new tires. Yes, the odds are low that all of those things would be wrong at the same time, but the risk is there and to some, they would pay for the piece of mind this offers. That’s my $0.02, which would probably cost at least $0.03 at the Pros closet.

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