Dr. Dew Files #5: Four Bar Forever


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Dr. Dew Files #5: Four Bar Forever

– Watch And Learn As The Doctor Receives Insightful Info About The Four Bar System; And Why He Eats It For Breakfast –

KONAWORLD (March 20, 2009) – Simple, durable and loaded with performance, Kona Bikes Four Bar System for mountain bikes is as necessary as eggs and bacon.

In the target=”_blank”>Dr. Dew Files #5 – target=”_blank”>Four Bar Forever – watch and learn as Kona’s Dr. Dew takes you through his daily work commute and is enlightened by fellow cyclists along the way about just how rad the system works. With Kona’s chief designer absorbing all that is poetically said about the beneficial performance virtues of the “Walking Beam” Four Bar Linkage System, it is clear the tried and true technology rocks.

Dr. Dew has the Four Bar in his life, now all he really needs is a dishwasher. Oh, how life would be a lot easier.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Kona’s got it dialed with the Four Bar linkage system. Why change a good thing that has been a part of their bikes for years. Rock on….

    For the rest of the creative/educational films in the Dr Dew Files series head over to: http://www.konaworld.tv

  • Anonymous says:

    Really??? Are they serious?!

    They use a FAUX BAR LINKAGE! Its a push-link activated single pivot swing-arm!

    A true four bar linkage has a mathematical definition! Read up on it here:


    This is just a way to get ignorant riders to buy something that ‘looks like’ the real thing but is just a fake!

    Can’t believe their trying to pawn this off as a four bar system when its not!

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