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Smaller and Smarter: Drift Unveils New Drift HD Point of View Camera

07.26.2011– Point of view cameras are one of today’s hottest commodities in countless markets and demographics. The growth trend has invigorated camera technology advancements, recorded the most extreme events in history and firmly established bragging rights in action sports communities. Drift, an innovative point of view camera manufacturer, is proud to announce the global launch of the new Drift HD point of view camera.

The new compact, durable, easy-to-use Drift HD camera elevates the point of view camera market to a higher level with the most feature-rich, multi-functional helmet camera available to date. To view the new camera in action, check out:

Drift’s signature features such as the integrated LCD screen, wireless remote control, 300-degree rotating lens, 170-degree field of view, multiple mounting options, water resistant casing and professional-grade 1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps high-definition video settings will be integrated into the new Drift HD. Additionally, the Drift HD will inlcude:

  • More compact housing, 4 inches and 4.23 oz.; 25 percent smaller than its predecessor
  • Replaceable lens
  • 9 MP photos
  • Second rear cover to protect the camera when using an external mic or a USB charger
  • Micro HDMI connector for HD TV playback
  • LED recording indicator
  • New goggle strap in addition to the curved and flat adhesive mounts, paired with a universal clip for multiple mounting options

The Drift HD will be available to buy on August 31, 2011. MSRP, $369USD.

“We are very fortunate for the trusted and solid platform of customers who have provided Drift with support, enthusiasm and effective product feedback,” said John Rounds, Drift’s global sales and marketing director. “They have allowed us to invest in the best technologies available, in order to propel the Drift brand to the next level.”

For a full list of specs and features, please visit: www.driftinnovation.com, or check out the Drift cameras in action here, https://vimeo.com/driftinnovation/drift-hd.

About Drift:
Drift is a wearable Point of View Camera product company offering consumers wide-angle recording capabilities to capture all their adventures and activities. Designed with smart real-life use features, it is highly recommended by the specialists in outdoor sports, motorsports, and snow sports. Drift captures the action from every individual’s point of view and offers easy ways to share and re-live the experience with friends and family. For more information about Drift Innovation, visit www.driftinnovation.com.

Source:  Mary Jane Carroll, Verde PR & Consulting

About the author: Brian Mullin

Brian likes to push the limits in all the sports he obsesses in, whether it's mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, skiing, or sport climbing. He takes those same strengths and a good dose of insanity to his reviewing and writing on mountain biking products, creating technical, in-depth articles. Whenever he's not on the bike, he might be found watching MotoGP racing, otherwise look for him out on the trail.

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  • sharkerio says:

    That’s cool it has the LCD
    But looks way inconvenient, and the mounting options don’t look so great.
    Just read the post you did about the new Replay XD1080. Looks like the better choice, and the quality in the embedded video looks great.

  • Sato says:

    Looks good but how does it handle less then perfect lighting conditions? Not every day is cloudless or perfect powder..

  • Brian Mullin says:

    Sato: the low light conditions are the best of the majors, including GoPro and Contour

    Sharkerio: I need to personally check out the new mounts, but the their old mounting were less than ideal. I can’t judge or comment on the Replay unit, as I have never used one, but the Drift is a pretty well pointed unit with superb video. Note, all 1080p is useless IMHO for mountain biking, the best is 720 at 60FPS followed by 960p.

  • Ricky says:

    Awesome new product – well done Drift! All the info and specs that you could want are here http://driftinnovation.com/drift-hd-action-camera/. Nice one!

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