DT Swiss rolls out new Spline ONE wheels

Swiss wheel and hub maker spices up range with multiple rim widths

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DT Swiss now offers wheels with rims from 22.5 mm up to 40 mm width — your next plus size bike could take advantage of those wider hoops! Photo by © Michael Riehle / DT Swiss AG

DT Swiss now offers wheels with rim widths from 22.5mm-40mm. (click to enlarge) Photo by Michael Riehle/DT Swiss

Close to the cosmopolitan town of Nice in the south of France, and next to Grasse (the French perfume capital), is the DT Swiss headquarters for the French and Spanish markets. It’s a beautiful part of the world, and a great venue to launch new wheels thanks to an endless maze of trails that cover the surrounding foothills of the Alps.

DT Swiss marketing specialist Friso Lorscheider unveils the new Spline® ONE wheels. Photo by © Jeroen Tiggelman

DT Swiss marketing specialist Friso Lorscheider unveils the new Spline ONE wheels (click to enlarge). Photo by Jeroen Tiggelman

Spline ONE 2017: The Wider Generation

Six years ago, DT Swiss launched its first system wheels (with cross country and all mountain models in 26” only). Three years ago the first generation of Spline ONE wheels arrived, with added 27.5” and 29” wheels. Now the 2017 generation will include 13 models, while dropping the 26” wheel size. The cross country, all mountain, and enduro disciplines will stay, and can be recognized via acronyms XR, XM, and EX.

The entire Spline ONE 2017 range. Photo by DT Swiss

The entire Spline ONE 2017 range (click to enlarge). Photo by DT Swiss AG

The new wheels get wider, including 22.5mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm, and even a plus size/mid fat 40mm rim widths. The cross country width can be used with tires from 1.9” to 2.25”. The new 25mm and 30mm widths deliver great use together with tires from 2.1” to 2.8” in the all mountain and enduro range. The 35mm rims offer compatibility with plus size tires up to 3.0”. The 40mm rims are claimed to support up to 4.0” tires, so there even are possibilities for fat bikes. Just know that the 30mm, 35mm and 40mm only come in 27.5” wheel sizes.

The rim/tire combinations that are possible. Photo by © DT Swiss AG

The many rim/tire combinations that are possible (click to enlarge). Photo by DT Swiss AG

The difference between the rims per category are weight and strength. The cross country XR 1501 Spline ONE 22.5mm weighs in at 1475g for a 27.5” wheel. The all mountain series range from the XM 1501 Spline ONE 22.5mm which weighs in at 1550g for a 27.5” wheel up to the XM 1501 Spline ONE 40mm, which weighs in at 1880g for a 27.5” wheel. On the other side of the spectrum, the heaviest enduro EX 1501 Spline ONE 30mm weighs 1760g for a 27.5” wheel.

Prices range from $ 1211-$ 1261 for a pair of wheels, with availability set for May.

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