DT Swiss rolls out new wheels, rims, hubs and forks

New carbon XMC and XRC 1200 Spline wheels come in variety of builds

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XMC 1200 Spline wheel with a beautifully executed 24mm wide carbon rim.

XMC 1200 Spline wheel with a beautifully executed 24mm wide carbon rim (click to enlarge).

XMC and XRC 1200 Spline Carbon Wheels

The high end XMC 1200 Spline wheels have the new 240 Spline hub, which weighs in at only 93 grams up front. The rear hub uses a 36T ratchet system and offers tool free hub maintenance, plus switchable end caps and rotor body. The XMC carbon rim is hookless and has a 24mm inner width combined with 30mm depth. Weights are 1410 gram per set in 27.5” and 1495 grams in 29” version. Want to go lighter? The XRC 1200 Spline wheels offer the same technology as their XMC sibling, but are narrower, with an inner width of 21.5mm and depth of 20mm. Front hubs are available in a predictive steering version for the RockShox RS-1 fork, as well as Boost 148 versions. Weights are 1340 grams per set in 27.5” and 1445 grams in 29”.

Redesigned 1900 Spline Wheels

The 1900 Spline wheels bring features of the Spline 1501 and 1700 down to an entry-level price point. Proven Spline hub technology comes in all different axle dimensions including Boost. Disc brake mounts are center lock or 6-bolt. The rims are built up with DT Pro Lock Squorx nipples and DT Champion spokes. Tubeless tape and valve are included. Available in three categories: XC (X 1900), all mountain (M 1900) and enduro (E 1900), all in 27.5” and 29” wheel sizes. Weights are as follows: X 1900 — 1770 grams in 27.5” and 1865 grams in 29”; M 1900 — 1845 grams in 27.5” and 1940 grams in 29”; E 1900 — 1905 grams in 27.5” and 2000 grams in 29”.

The 1900 Spline wheels (left) have gotten a total makeover. The OPM O.D.L. Race fork (right) offer everything that you can expect of a high performance front fork.

The 1900 Spline wheels (left) have gotten a total makeover. The OPM O.D.L. Race fork (right) offers everything that you’d expect of a high performance fork (click to enlarge).

OPM O.D.L. Race Fork

The new OPM ODL Race fork has one piece magnesium lowers that offer low weight with high stiffness. The fork crown and steerer unit is made with the TFP carbon method, which allows for a load corresponding production of each element, aligning carbon fibers with a CNC-controlled embroidering machine and processed into a fabric. Combined with an impact resistant resin, the result is a light crown and steerer unit. Together with SKF, a new wiper system, the fork works without an exterior tension spring and has an improved responsiveness combined with sealed internals. This new system also has a newly formulated lubricating oil, a newly developed oil storage ring, and new bushings. Weights are 1425 grams for 27.5” and 1450 grams for 29” version; 100-130 mm (27.5”) and 100-120 mm (29”) travel; open, drive and lock mode (O.D.L.); remote optional; 15/100 mm RWS thru axle.

Go wider with the new XM 481 (30mm inner width) and XM 551 rims (40mm inner width).

Go wider with the new XM 481 (30mm inner width) and XM 551 rims (40mm inner width). (click to enlarge)

XM 481 and XM 551 Rims

The XM 481 has a 30mm inner width and is available in 27.5” and 29”, which should make most of the tires around the 2.5” mark, offering good support and creating a wider footprint for more traction. This welded disc brake rim comes in 28- and 32-hole versions. Weights: 460 grams in 27.5” and 525 grams in 29”. The XM 551 offers an inner width of 40mm and is made for 3” 27.5+ tires. Weights are 595 grams in 27.5” version only.

No matter what hub with you use – DT Swiss has their different hub types ready!

No matter what hub you use, DT Swiss has you covered. (click to enlarge)

All Sizes of Hubs — Including Boost

Adapting to the new standards, DT Swiss now offers the 350 Classic hubs in a Boost version. Go wider? The Big Ride hubs offer high quality hubs for fat bike lovers. All new hubs can be converted using different end caps and rotors.

For more information visit www.dtswiss.com.

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