Ellsworth Instant Center Tracking Suspension


By now you probably know about Instant Center Tracking Suspension (ICT), the bread and butter of a full suspension Ellsworth-but do you really know how it works and why it makes Ellsworth the most efficient full suspension bike in the world?

Ellsworth’s Instant Center Tracking suspension technology gives the rider key fundamental advantages that cannot be found in other full suspension mountain bikes. ICT suspension allows the rider to pedal forward without power loss, avoiding the common suspension design flaw found in other designs that translates pedal inputs into a wasteful combination of forward and vertical jacking and bobbing motions. On an Ellsworth, that energy is harnessed toward propelling you further and faster down the trail with ultra plush and responsive performance.

To get into the details and science behind ICT, click here or visit www.ellsworthbikes.com and click the “ICT TECH” tab on the page of any of our full suspension mountain bikes.

source: Ellsworth Bikes

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  • Dan says:


  • Steve says:

    ICT is a rip off of an Australian design and Ellsworth had the hide to ask for royalties!

  • Luix says:

    I love the way this guy has to disguise the good old FSR as something new… He even fooled a federal court and got himself a patent for something that was already invented and patented…

    Anyway, that’s what US people like: invent yourself an acronym, and the rest is history. It doesn’t matter if it works or not, if you have ripped it off somebody else, etcetera… All that matter is those three or four letters.

  • anonymous says:

    this design has been around for many years. let’s see something new.
    giving to Trips for Kids is good, but this seems like an infomercial as stated above.

  • moment owner says:

    who cares! if you havent ridden an elssworth then shutup.

  • marecej says:

    why should he do something new when this design simply works and does ist work?

  • Conor says:

    The point is that everyone claims to have ‘the best full suspension design’. In this case, you have Ellsworth – who is using the FSR design, claiming their design is superior and slapping their own acronym on the thing.

    The design is no different than the Specialized patented FSR design, the link locations are very-very similar, which means the way the suspension is activated and responds to input is also very similar. No one puts more money and effort into refining designs, linking vendors and custom tuning than Specialized. Other manufacturers who use the FSR, like Titus, don’t BS about it, they just admit the design is superior in its efficiency and simplicity and move on to say they have better build quality, etc.

  • John says:

    I’m currently riding Ellsworth Evolve with ICT suspension. I’ve owned a couple of FSR bikes in the past, including two from Ellsworth’s direct boutique competitors. The Ellsworth allows me to ride farther, faster with less fatigue. I think the ICT suspension has a heckava lot to with it. The bike just pedals better, in my opinion. My two cents.

  • Rick says:

    Agree with John. I ride an Ellsworth Truth, and have owned Specialized before this. Specialized makes a very good bike. My Ellsworth Truth blows theirs away. Did they copy Specialized’s FSR/ 4 bar suspension…or anyone else’s?? I don’t know and I don’t care. All I know is this bike kicks butt! No loss of energy climbing and soaks up the bumps better than any bike I’ve ridden…and I’ve ridden and raced allot! Keep doing what you’re doing Ellsworth and thanks for a killer cross country/trail bike!

  • Franb says:

    +1 on the Truth, best trail/cross country bike I have ridden; now goin on 3 years and still amazing. I have ridden SPEZ, not as good IMO, thanks Ells for a bike that works and works very well.

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