ENVE M Series mountain components launched

Expanding the line and introducing 35mm bars and stems for trail and enduro

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ENVE M Series Carbon MTB Components

Last fall ENVE introduced a new line of M Series wheels that deliver enhanced toughness, ride feel, and anti-flat technologies. Now ENVE has announced a range of M Series components, including ENVE’s first 35mm cockpit, that align with the M Series core philosophy of real options and true confidence through crafted carbon.

Through extensive testing, ENVE established two base handlebar constructions. One construction rated for trail and another for gravity riding and racing. The new M Series handlebars respect this core split between Trail and Gravity, but are now better aligned with today’s variations in usage and riders that led to the M Series four base families – M5, M6, M7 and M9.

ENVE M Series Carbon MTB Components

The M5 and M6 handlebar models are Trail-rated, and represent the specific needs of cross-country and trail riders while the M7 and M9 handlebar models are Gravity-rated, and refined for the specific needs of enduro and downhill racing.

“The handlebar, in our opinion, is one of the most important components of the bike. As the primary point of contact, it sets the tone for the entire feel of the ride. Too stiff means harshness and fatigue, too flexible and steering will lack response and predictability. For these reasons, we painstakingly engineer the carbon laminate of each component to find that perfect balance between responsive handling and fatigue reduction,” said director of marketing, Jake Pantone.

ENVE M Series Carbon MTB Components

ENVE’s new M Series component line promises real options for riders. Beyond variations in intended use, ENVE understands how the diversity in style, wheel size, design philosophy and terrain drive the demand for different specifications.

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Bar widths have trended wider for several years in lock-step with the evolution of modern mountain bike geometry. ENVE’s M5 is their narrowest bar, at 760mm wide. M6 bars measure 780mm, M7 bars are 800mm wide, and the M9 downhill bars are widest at 810mm. Each bar can be cut shorter per the rider’s preferences, but ENVE has reduced cut lines to highlight the importance of proper stiffness and flex profile. This suggests that for an ideal ride feel the bars should not be cut shorter than prescribed.

ENVE M Series Carbon MTB Components

In addition to prescribed widths for different rider profiles, each M Series bar is designed with a specific geometry and clamp diameter. The M5 is a true 9-degree flat bar with no tip. The M6 handlebars feature 9 degrees of sweep and 5 degrees of tip. Both M5 and M6 handlebars come in a 31.8mm clamp diameter.

On the gravity side, the M7 and M9 handlebars feature a shallower 8-degree back sweep with 4-degree tip. The M7 handlebars are ENVE’s first 35mm clamp diameter bars, while ENVE has chosen to maintain a 31.8mm clamp diameter on the downhill specific M9 handlebars. Real options mean that most riders can choose rise independently of the intended application. ENVE offers low rise versions in the M6 and M7 line as well as high rise versions of the M7 and M9 handlebars. There are eight handlebars in the line-up.

ENVE M Series Carbon MTB Components

In addition to the new line of handlebars, ENVE has updated and expanded their full carbon mountain stem line-up and offers both an M6 trail stem with 31.8mm clamp diameter and, an ENVE first, M7 35mm clamp stem.

“A carbon-bodied mountain stem capable of handling the abuses of enduro racing represents engineering challenges on multiple levels. One, the stem must be exceptionally strong. Second, it needs to be lightweight and improve the ride. While the benefits of the carbon stem are more subtle compared to the noticeable ride improvement of our carbon bars, the combination of an M Series handlebar and stem produces a lightweight cockpit with an unmatched ride feel,” explained ENVE design engineer Blake Jensen.

ENVE M Series Carbon MTB Components

ENVE’s M6 (31.8mm clamp) and M7 (35mm clamp) mountain stems feature a full carbon body one-piece construction, titanium hardware, and a cold forged alloy faceplate. All new M Series components are covered by ENVE’s Lifetime Ride Guarantee which covers wheels and components that sustain impact damage on the trail. Orders for new M Series components are being taken now.

To learn more head over to enve.com.

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