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Center channel gets deeper from front to back

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Ergon SM vs SR Men's Saddles

Ergon SM Saddle vs SR Men’s Saddle

Ergon, the German maker of all things ergonomic for cycling, recently launched a pair of new saddles aimed at maximizing comfort on the bike. Following on the success of the Ergon SR and SM Women’s saddles that launched last year, comes a redesigned road and mountain saddle line for men, dubbed Ergon SM Saddle and Ergon SR Saddle. Taking cues from the simplified women’s saddles, the men’s line will have one silhouette for road and one for mountai with multiple price points in each discipline.

Ergon SM-E Mountain Sport Saddle

Ergon SM-E Mountain Sport Saddle

According to Ergon 95% of all bikers experience discomfort when riding – with 65% saying the saddle is the primary cause. The male-specific designs of the Ergon SR saddle and Ergon SM saddle were built from the ground up to solve discomfort and health risks associated with a man’s pelvic shape and genitalia.

Ergon SR Pro Carbon Men Saddle

Ergon SR Pro Carbon Men Saddle

The center channel of the Ergon SM and SR saddles gets deeper from front to back, to effectively avoid numbness or discomfort in the sensitive seating area, resulting in more comfort for training and racing. This unique shell shape is the first Ergon saddle to offer the ergonomic benefits of a “cutout saddle” while keeping the stiffness of a solid saddle. Prices will range from $70 to $190.

Ergon SM-E Mountain Sport Saddle

Ergon SM-E Mountain Sport Saddle

In tandem with its new SM Men’s saddle, Ergon has also unveiled an e-mountain bike saddle designed to meet the ergonomic demands for the eMTB rider. With a shape very similar to the SM Sport Men, the SM-E’s defining characteristics are a distinct rear scoop up, as the e-MTB riders remain seated more and the added ramp in the back of the saddle, gives riders’ sit bones something to push against and keeps them stable. Orthocell inlays further the comfort story, while male and female-specific anatomical shaping relieves all pressure points. Price of the Ergon SM-E Mountain Sport saddle is $90.

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  • Quote ‘Ergon has also unveiled an e-mountain bike saddle designed to meet the ergonomic demands for the eMTB rider’


  • Kuttermax says:

    I had purchased a high end Ergon saddle for my mountain bike a few years back after doing the appropriate fitting for it. While the seat was very comfortable to sit on, the issue I had was the cover material was very slippery and I tended to slide around a lot on it rather than feel anchored, especially when I wore baggies. Ultimately this was enough of an issue that I went back to my tried and true WTB saddles. I wonder if others had a similar experience?

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